Let's just get that harsh reality out front right away. This deal only applies if you've never subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited before. I, for example, am not eligible because I've used the service before. You, however, may be able to take advantage of it. If you're new to the service, today's the day to try it out because you can get two months of Amazon Music Unlimited plus Amazon's 3rd-generation Echo Dot smart speaker on sale for $16.97 total. Amazon Music Unlimited costs $7.99 a month normally for Prime members. So this deal is adding an Echo Dot to your subscription for just an extra buck, which is crazy because the Echo Dot is going for $50 on Amazon right now. Even when it does go on sale, it's still usually selling for around $30 and not $1.

Newbies Only

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd-generation smart speaker and 2 months Amazon Music Unlimited

AMU normally costs $8 a month anyway, so you're getting the Echo Dot for $1 basically, and those are going for $50 right now. You can use the Dot to stream music from the service, so it's a great pairing. Stream from other services like Spotify, too.

$16.97 $66.00 $49 off

Tens of millions of songs, exclusive Alexa voice features and programs, unlimited skips, and ad-free programming are just a few of Amazon Music Unlimited's features. You can even download songs for offline listening. Best of all, the Amazon Music application is available to download on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and even some smart TVs so you can listen wherever, whenever.

There are also plenty of upgrade options with Music Unlimited. Upgrade to a Family Plan if you've got a whole lot of ears trying to stream the same tunes. If you're serious about your music, you can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited HD for the highest-quality audio around.

Just remember that getting this deal does sign you up for the service. You'll have two months to decide just how much it means to you. If you love it, keep it. If not, cancel your subscription so it doesn't renew. You can cancel at any time really, and that's great, but give it a shot. You find yourself hooked on streaming your favorite bands in a super convenient way.

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