If you're an LG fan, what phone are you going to get next?

LG Velvet
LG Velvet (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

Even though the company had its ups and downs when it came to smartphones, you can't say that LG didn't push the envelope forward with many exciting devices like the LG G5, LG G Flex series, and LG Wing. Even the company's more "boring" devices like the V60 and Velvet were pretty darn good phones, with great cameras and awesome audio output.

But with last week's confirmation by LG that it will no longer be making smartphones, a hole has been left in the Android landscape. Naturally, this news has created a sense of uncertainty and unrest in the Android world, and that has been reflected over on the AC forums:

As a proud owner of past devices like the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, V20, V40, and currently the LG V60, where do we (the LG fans) go from here... Do I hold on to my V60 Dual Screen knowing there will never be a V70? Do I give up the headphone jack and DAC (which I absolutely love) for a shiny new Samsung or OnePlus? I was debating on getting a new device. You know how it is, when you see something...


We have a thread on this here. https://forums.androidcentral.com/showthread.php?t=1022794 I'm personally not going to worry until time to upgrade, then see what's out there.


I know what you are saying. LG leaving the smartphone games is definitely a rough pill to swallow, for a lot of people. My husband has only ever used LG products since he jumped ship from Apple. He loved his LG G7 ThinQ and now his LG Velvet. Since you've used Nexus phones in the past, how do you feel about using a Pixel phone in the future? That's likely where my money will go, despite the...


I'll be looking into the Pixel devices, although I've always wanted to try a OnePlus device. The S21Ultra is the only Samsung in years that has caught my eye... I'll check out the latest Pixel and see if it grabs me, if not I'll be looking into the OnePlus. In the meantime I'll keep enjoying my V60 Dual Screen until I feel it's time to trade up, or if something really moves me lol.


OnePlus is an awesome manufacturer, and I've always wanted to try their phones! I can definitely understand why you would be looking at Pixel and OP next time around!


We want to hear from you — If you're an LG fan, what phone are you going to get next? Let us know!

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  • The Sony xperia 5III will be my next phone. Smaller, headphone jack, and just a little different, just like an LG (at least the G series) Will miss the lack of wireless, but just like an LG, you have to do without some features to get quality audio and a reasonable size (unlike the Oneplus phones, which are just too big)
  • At this point it's hard to say what my next choice will be. My G8 still has a lot of life left in it so who knows. Price and value will be the determining factors. Some possibilities would include the Pixel 4a or the upcoming 5a. Possibly one of TCLs devices would serve. One of Samsung's A series phones maybe although I don't like the company much. I'll be bargain shopping on Prime day and Black Friday.
  • How about an iPhone se?
  • Nah it would take something like an iPhone 12 Pro to pull me into that camp and this just isn't the year for an expensive phone like that for me. Maybe next year.
  • Currently on an LG G7. I was looking to get a new phone for my Birthday (in July). Having said I would never spend £1000 on a phone, I have to admit I'm looking at flagships. Currently either the Mi 11 (Pro or Ultra) or maybe even the new Sony Xperia 1 III
  • I had the LG G7 and loved it! Upgraded to the V60 and not so thrilled. Bought out my contract and went with the One+ 9 (not pro). Love the phone so far but will miss the expandable storage. The biggest issue is that they do not separate out the ringtone and notification volume so they are one on the same control. Not very user friendly.
  • I will probably get a mid range Samsung once my G6 dies.
  • Never had an LG phone at least on Android and never will, they were and always will be the poor man's Samsung.. Samsung is the best and the leader in features, customisation and innovation in Android.
  • LG - Poor man's Samsung
  • Stick with my v60 till it dies then probably get a one plus
  • I had an LG Stylo 6, I moved over to a Samsung Galaxy A51 5G. Love the phone. Love the way it feels in my hand. Love the fact that i get 3 years of OS updates. Was on android 10 out of the box, already got the upgrade to android 11. LG was always so slow with any upgrades, it wasn't even funny. Also LG phones bogged down, from bloatware.