There are a lot of highlights for the Galaxy S10+, but without a doubt, one of its standout features is its battery life.

Andrew Martonik called the S10+'s battery "immense" in our full review, and looking through some comments of users in our AC forums, they're experiencing the same thing.


So ive been using my s10+ for a couple days now, and the other day my phone lasted me 11+hours with a SOT of 7.5 hours. Is anyone else getting this kind of battery life with intensive usage?


About 2 days and 7 SOT


I'm on tmobile. S10 and my battery is incredible too


Yeah S10+ seems to be battery champion, no worries getting thru the day how much every heavy usage you do. I'm eager to see how the s10e will perform once I receive that. If it gets me thru the day without any anxiety then s10e will be the keeper over S10+


What about you? How's your Galaxy S10+ battery life?

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