How to set favorite contacts on the Galaxy S5

If you have a lot of contacts, weeding through them to find a specific person or searching can be daunting. That's why most smartphones let you have a list of your favorite contacts. The Galaxy S5 is no exception. Here's how to add a contact to your favorites:

  1. Launch the Phone app on your Samsung Galaxy 5 and find the contact you'd like to set as a favorite.
  2. Open their contact card and tap the Star icon at the top of the card. This adds them to the Favorites tab.
  3. Now simply open the Favorites tab and you should see them added.

Note that if you've already starred contacts in your Google contacts, they should already be marked as favorites on your Galaxy S5.

By default the Samsung Galaxy S5 sorts your favorite contacts alphabetically. Unfortunately there is no current way to customize how they're displayed. Either way, it's much easier to look through a short list of favorites than your entire address book or recent calls section. If you're using Google to sync your contacts, your favorite contacts will also be synced to Google and available there as well.

Do you use favorite contacts? If so, does it work alright the way it is or would you like to see more personalized options as well?