Moto G6 is a bargain with Alexa Built-In

Best answer: Alexa Built-In Phones can save you $100 or more during big sales like Black Friday or Prime Day, but you should always back the price against the regular model, which can sometimes drop to a lower price on older models.

What are Alexa Built-In Phones?

Amazon has bounced around the branding for these phones a bit in the last few years. If you've ever heard of Amazon "Prime Exclusive" phones, "Alexa Push-to-Talk" phones, or "Alexa Hands-Free" phones, these phones are all Alexa Built-In Phones. These phones are sold by Amazon and get put on sale a lot, which means that you can usually get a good deal on them.

These phones come with a handful of Amazon apps — including the Amazon Alexa voice assistant — but they are the same phones with the same features as you'd buy unlocked from a carrier. Lock screen ads aren't a thing for these phones anymore, so there's nothing any more invasive here than the normal pre-loaded apps your carriers would install.

How much money does buying an Alexa Built-In Phone save me?

Phone prices are always in flux, and so your potential savings are in flux, too. In fact, there are some Alexa Built-In Phones that are actually more expensive than their unlocked brethren. For example, the Unlocked V35 ThinQ is actually hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Alexa Built-In version.

For new phones like the Moto Z4, you only save $5 buying the Alexa Built-In version, and I don't expect that one to see any impressive discounts during Prime Day, but maybe during Black Friday sales later this year.

Amazon already has one Alexa Built-In phone on sale in the pre-Prime Prime Day sales: the LG Stylo 4 is down to $160 for the next few days, making it quite the bargain over the $250 T-Mobile version. It's all but certain that some Alexa Built-In Phones will see similar sales during Prime Day, so if you need a new phone, you'll want to keep an eye out for Alexa Built-In Phones in the tidal wave of deals to come.

Save a little

Moto G6 with Alexa Built-In 4GB/64GB

Save almost $50 with the Moto G6.

The Moto G6 is still a decent choice in 2019, especially when the Alexa Built-In models go on sale. You get decent performance, all-day battery life and compatibility with most American carriers.

Save a lot

LG Stylo 4 Alexa Built-In

A low price for good performance.

The pre-Prime Day sale is the best price for the Stylo 4 ever, and gives you a good-sized phone with a useful stylus for less than $200. It doesn't get much better than that for an Alexa Built-In Phone.

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