How much money do you save when buying an Alexa Built-In Phone?

Best answer: Alexa Built-In Phones can save you $100 or more during big sales like Black Friday or Prime Day, but you should always back the price against the regular model, which can sometimes drop to even lower on older models.

What are Alexa Built-In Phones?

Amazon has bounced around the branding for these phones a bit in the last few years. If you've ever heard of Amazon "Prime Exclusive" phones, "Alexa Push-to-Talk" phones, or "Alexa Hands-Free" phones, these phones are all Alexa Built-In Phones. These phones are often some of the best Android phones on the market sold by Amazon and get put on sale a lot, which means that you can usually get a good deal on them.

These phones come with a handful of Amazon apps — including the Amazon Alexa voice assistant — but they are the same phones with the same features as you'd buy unlocked from a carrier. Lock screen ads aren't a thing for these phones anymore, so there's nothing any more invasive here than the standard pre-loaded apps your carriers would install.

How much money does buying an Alexa Built-In Phone save me?

Phone prices are always in flux, and so your potential savings are in flux, too. Sometimes, Alexa Built-In Phones can be more expensive than their unlocked brethren. However, for newer phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro, you could save up to $80 buying the Alexa Built-In version, and with the 8T and 8T Pro on the horizon, we might expect even lower prices come Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Speaking of those upcoming sales events, we anticipate Prime Day 2020 coming sometime in October (if it happens), and that will be followed shortly by the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. You'll likely see some significant savings at that time if you can wait. If not, you can still get a good deal on one of these awesome Android phones, but you'll have to do a bit more research. Compare the Alexa Built-In model with the unlocked version before you buy.

Ara Wagoner

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