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Here's your first look at Motorola's upcoming flagship, the Edge+

Motorola Edge Leaked Renders
Motorola Edge Leaked Renders (Image credit: Pricebaba / @OnLeaks)

What you need to know

  • The Edge+ is going to be Motorola's first flagship in quite a while.
  • Leaked renders of the phone show a stunning design with a waterfall display and a barely visible camera cutout.
  • Round back, it's got a triple-camera setup.

If leaked renders of Motorola's first new flagship in at least two years are to be believed, the company is certainly making a product that'll be well worth the wait (via Pricebaba). The main highlight of this phone will be the screen, which stretches from edge-to-edge in the form of a waterfall display (hence the name).

Alongside that exquisite curve, the screen also has one of the smallest punch-hole camera cutouts ever. I mean, you can barely see it! That does mean that this phone won't have an wide-angle lens in the front like, say, last year's Galaxy S10+, but given that even Samsung's moved away from having two cameras in the front, I think it's well worth the trade.

Motorola Edge Leaked Renders

Source: Pricebaba / @OnLeaks (Image credit: Source: Pricebaba / @OnLeaks)

There doesn't seem to be a fingerprint sensor anywhere on the phone's body, and that's because, as @OnLeaks claims, it's hidden under the display, which is expected to be 6.5 or 6.8 inches in size.

Round back, you can see the usual Motorola logo, as well as the phone's three cameras arranged vertically. The specifics of the cameras are not known yet. Next to them is an LED flash module and some additional sensors. The Motorola logo may also sport an LED and work as a notification light.

Motorola Edge Leaked Renders

Source: Pricebaba / @OnLeaks (Image credit: Source: Pricebaba / @OnLeaks)

The rest of the phone's design is what you'd expect. The back panel is made of glass, and the power button and volume rocker can be found on the right side. Up top, though, is a welcome surprise: the nearly extinct headphone jack.

The company's also working on a midrange phone that's also set to feature a waterfall display like this one. If previous reports are to be believed, both phones will have 5G capabilities, and the Edge+ will likely be powered by a Snapdragon 865.

Motorola Edge Leaked Renders

Source: Pricebaba / @OnLeaks (Image credit: Source: Pricebaba / @OnLeaks)

The phone was initially expected to debut at MWC 2020, but since that event's been canceled, it's unclear when we might finally get an official announcement from Motorola. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

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  • It's a nice looking phone. I'm not sure how I feel about the waterfall display. Even though this is a flagship phone it is a Moto flagship so I would expect the price to be somewhat conservative. Best wishes to Motorola. I hope they sell a bunch of them.😃
  • Wonder how good that DAC is
  • Probably the Snapdragon codec
  • I would be interested in the mid-range version if it has NFC and the price is right. I don't need a flagship because it's over kill for me and I would never utilize the features.
  • Waterfall display. Gross.
  • Way too curvy of a screen, slow to no updates, and mediocre cameras in all probability. Yay Lenovorola.
  • I'll keep this simple. **** curved screens!
  • I avoid curved screens as well. Easier to crack even with a case.