Trident Kraken AMS Case

There's a time and place to use rugged cases, and although they're not ideal for the majority of us — they serve their purpose for those who need the extra security. Trident provided us with their Kraken AMS Case for the Galaxy S6 to try out, and one thing is for certain — it's the epitome of heavy duty protection.

Initially, we see a lot of similarities to the OtterBox Defender — fused layers, smooth exterior shell and even the beastly belt clip to snap it all into. That said, the Kraken AMS Case still has its unique qualities that make it preferable over other rugged covers of its kind. Starting with its construction, it's made of a hardened bio-enhanced plastic that's recyclable, degradable and compostable. Bringing eco-friendly features into the equation sets the Kraken AMS apart from other nearly all other cases for the Galaxy S6.

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Installation is fairly straightforward, starting with the back cover, following up with the front shell that includes a built-in screen protector. You want to be sure that the Galaxy S6's display and underside of the screen shield is completely clear of fingerprints and smudges before snapping this top layer into place — or else it makes for a pretty ugly sight. Upon using the device, there didn't seem to be any adverse effect on responsiveness or clarity. Keeping the screen shield free of smudges is a bit of a hassle, however.

Each corner of the Kraken AMS Case features a thermo plastic elastomer (TPE), which is what handles the brunt of an impact when dropped. The buttons are raised above this material, allowing an easier press while worn. As you might expect, both the charging and auxiliary ports are protected with TPE plugs whose sole purpose is to keep out dirt and other debris. These always seem to be a bit of an annoyance, but can be easily remedied by cutting them off with a razor or sharp knife. Inside the shell is a hexagonal tiling — also made up of TPE — assisting in impact absorption for the rest of the Galaxy S6. There's also no issue with wireless charging, so that's a plus.

The star of the case is the built-in media stand, which claims to be removable, but upon numerous unsuccessful attempts we ended up breaking it in half. So, it's probably best left alone for the sake of keeping it in one piece. While kickstands are a great addition to any case, when they don't sit flush with the cover, it's ugly. And, that's exactly the issue with the Kraken AMS. When the stand is closed, it sticks out from the rest of the case. They could have went with a more low-profile stand and slimmed up that aspect of the cover a bit.

Included with the Kraken AMS Case is a rugged belt clip holster that's designed to hold your Galaxy S6 while wearing the cover. Technically, you can snap the Galaxy S6 faced in or out, but the top clip of the holster seems to give a more secure "snap" when the device is facing in. A nice feature of this holster is the soft hexagonal tiling inside, which provides extra scratch security while clipped in. The rear clip can be rotated 360 degrees for optimal comfort, whether you're sitting or standing. By pushing the top of the clip completely in, you'll secure it in kickstand mode — best used in the landscape position.

Our take

For a heavy duty Galaxy S6 cover, Trident's Kraken AMS Case should meet the needs of anyone looking for serious scratch and impact control. While not every aspect of the case is perfect in design, it's still built very well and adds an eco-friendly touch that we're a big fan of.

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