There's a lot going for this Galaxy Note 5 flip case from Spigen, and if you're used to handling these book-style covers, this one's a prime example of quality design and functionality. The exterior is made up of a synthetic leather that looks and feels like the real deal — stitching and all. What holds the Galaxy Note 5 inside is a slim polycarbonate case that's attached to the pleather exterior with a strong adhesive. Once you snap the Note 5 inside, it's there to stay.

Keeping the wallet case shut is a magnetic clasp that reaches over the front flap. From my personal experience with this case on the Note 5 and with previous devices, the magnet has no adverse effect on the cards inside, nor does wireless charging. And yes, the Galaxy Note 5 works great with wireless chargers while inside the flip case. There are precise cutouts for the front speaker and the camera on the back, while access the the Note 5's S-Pen, charging/auxiliary ports, and power button are open game. Reaching the volume buttons on the left side can be done through the spine of the case, but there aren't any marks there to point you towards an exact press.

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On the back side of the front flap are 3 storage slots for credit cards, ID, business cards — anything of that nature. Underneath all of those is a larger pocket designed for cash or receipts. Spigen has added a cutout for the home button, eliminating any chance of activating the Galaxy Note 5 while the wallet case is closed. It's important to note that while all this extra storage for personal items is nice, the more you pack inside the more uneven that front flap sits when closed. Not that the magnetic closure won't keep it shut, but it tends to look a little crowded from the side when you've got a loaded case.

Another concern of mine was the possibility of credit cards scratching the display while closed. Those raised numbers and letters don't seem to be super abrasive, but I'm not using a screen protector (yet) on my Galaxy Note 5, so I'm overly cautious about what comes in contact with the screen. That being said, I took my chances and haven't seen any issues thus far.

Another neat feature of Spigen's Wallet Case for the Note 5 is its ability to fold into a viewing stand. Simply open it up and prop the Note at an angle on top of those card slots. It's super handy for watching YouTube videos, Netflix, or scrolling through your image gallery. Since I'm not a regular user of flip cases, this cover takes some getting used to at first — especially when answering calls on the fly. There's plenty of protection while the case is closed, though, between the pleather exterior and polycarbonate shell inside that most drops should be just fine.

Final thoughts

Since the OEM flip cases for Galaxy Note 5 aren't too ideal in terms of price, functionality, and design, Spigen's Wallet Case was refreshing switch. Even if you don't use this case as your daily driver, it's a sweet cover to carry with you for a night out with friends, consolidating a few cards and some cash into one multipurpose wallet. Currently only available in black, the Spigen Wallet Case is up for grabs on Amazon for $17.99 if you decide to give it try.

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