Summer's in full swing right now for those of us on the top half of the planet. And for a lot of folks that means time around, on and in the water. Instead of packing my Galaxy Note 4 away in my dry box before launching my boat, I opted to give the KONA Waterproof Case a try to see how it held up to a scorching hot day on the Gulf of Mexico — diving and all.

First off, it's important to note that this waterproof case comes in two sizes, and isn't strictly for the Galaxy Note 4 — meaning it will gladly accommodate other devices of similar and smaller sizes. That said, I found the Note 4 to have a perfect fit (minimal wiggle room) with the standard model. If you're rocking a case, you may want to check out the extra large option for a more appropriate fit. It's opened and closed using a swivel-lock system at the top, protecting anything you put inside from water intrusion.

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KONA Waterproof Case

The case is completely clear on both sides, making it easy to utilize your touchscreen and even take pictures and video above or below the water. Technically, you can talk on the phone through the case, but it's a bit like talking to Charlie Brown's teacher for anyone on the other end. The TPU material isn't overly thick and actually feels nice to use over the touchscreen, but can be a bit spotty underwater at times. Using the included lanyard, I dragged my Note 4 with me as I went about my hunt for a fruitful spot for scallops. Even after a nearly a 9-hour day of being on the water, not 1 drop managed to get inside the KONA waterproof case.

I also didn't notice any fogging inside, which is usual complaint of mine with other waterproof cases. You can always pack other items inside, too. I was able to fit my Aukey 10k Portable Quick Charge 2.0 Battery, along with a USB cable, some cash, and my ID with no problem.

Is the KONA a keeper?

$13 Buy Now

That's a definite yes from me. I love the fit and the clear TPU on both sides that let's me access just about anything I need without the worry of water damage. Sure, Ziploc bags are probably the most inexpensive way to go, but I never feel completely confident that my device is safe for these kinds of activities. Besides, the KONA's $13 price tag is worth every penny for a true waterproof solution instead of a makeshift one.

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