One of Amazon's newest daily deals includes a selection of Rocketbook reusable notebooks and bundles with some of them going for as low as $24.99. These are all down to low prices. For example, the single Rocketbook Fusion smart notebook comes with a microfiber cloth and a Pilot FriXion pen. It's on sale for $24.99, which is $12 off what it normally goes for and an all-new low price.

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Rocketbook Fusion smart reusable notebooks

These neat notebooks can be constantly reused. Your notes get blasted into the Cloud and you can wipe them away with a microfiber cloth and start again. Comes with different planning pages and works with the included pen.

$24.99 $37.00 $12 off

The Rocketbook Fusion has 42 reusable pages. The different pages include seven different styles for planning, listing, goal-setting, sketching, and more. Once you've written down your thoughts, you can upload them onto a cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or some other service you already use. You can connect to the service you prefer through the free Rocketbook app that's available on both iOS and Android. After that, use the microfiber cloth to wipe the notes clean and begin again.

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Once you've written in the notebook with your pen, you need to wait 15 seconds for it to bond to the specialized page. Use the app and Rocketbook's sophisticated AI technology for smart titles, a smart search, and email transcription. These features can help you with naming and searching through your notes.

One of the other bundles on sale includes the Rocketbook Core Executive notebook, a mini version of the notebook, two Pilot FriXion pen, and two microfiber cloths. It's down to $29.99 from a regular price of $48.

Want even more to work with? Grab the Rocketbook bundle that includes one Rocketbook Core dotted grid notebook, one Rocketbook Core letter lined notebook, two pens, and two cloths. This package is on sale today for $40.80, which is about $28 off its regular price and almost $15 better than any previous price drop. Only the Infinity Black version is on sale as the other colors are still selling for $68.

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