Grab a refurbished Sonos Play:1 smart speaker on sale for $100

Sonos Play
Sonos Play

The Sonos website has a limited quantity of Sonos Play:1 smart speakers on sale for $99.99 in refurbished condition. These are older Sonos speakers that have since been replaced by the Sonos One, but the latter speaker sells for $159 refurbished and for as much as $200 new. Despite the Play:1 being discontinued, it's still very similar to the newer speaker with the biggest difference being the Sonos One actually has voice assistants built in while the Play:1 has to rely on external devices for voice control.

Only the black speaker is available at this price. Can stream music from your favorite platforms. Syncs with other Sonos speakers, including creating stereo sound when paired with a second Play:1. Also can be controlled from an app on your phone.

This is a great deal made all the better by the fact that you can sync two Play:1 speakers together for a stereo audio experience. Get two of them for the price of one of the newer speakers and get a much more robust sound. In addition to that, the Play:1 can also join the rest of your Sonos speakers to create a whole home multi-room surround sound speaker system. Play music throughout your home, let individuals play to their specific tastes, and do basically whatever you can think of with these speakers all paired together. Keep an eye on our page tracking all the Sonos deals we can find so you can continue building your speaker system empire.

As mentioned above, the Play:1 does not have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant built in like its successor does, but that doesn't mean it's not capable of smart functions. If you use an external device like an Echo Dot you can still control the speaker with your voice. You can stream all of your favorite music from your favorite sites like Spotify or Pandora. Download the Sonos app on your smartphone and control the speaker from there.

The speaker is super easy to set up and you'll be able to get it working basically as soon as you pull it out of the box with many of the extra features coming once it's hooked up to your Wi-Fi. Sonos covers the Play:1 with a one-year warranty.

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