Grab a free Philips Hue smart bulb and $30 off Amazon's Echo Studio high-fidelity speaker

Amazon Echo Studio
Amazon Echo Studio (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Not only is Amazon's Echo Studio discounted by $30, but you can also choose the option that includes a Philips Hue smart bulb and get it at no extra cost. The bulb itself is worth about $30, so you're saving $60 total with this deal. The Echo Studio normally goes for around $200. The lowest price we've ever seen it drop to was around $150, but that deal came from a different retailer and required some coupon finessing. This is basically just a direct drop and includes the freebie smart bulb you wouldn't have gotten during that previous sale.

The Studio has five speakers for powerful sound with Dolby Atmos technology. Can automatically sense the acoustics of the room to fine-tune its playback. Control it with your voice, use Amazon Alexa for your smart home, and control Zigbee products.

The review of the Echo Studio last November gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 and a The Best badge. Daniel Bader said, "...this is the speaker to buy for anyone who wants to play in the big leagues of sound without getting overly complicated. The Echo Studio has enough amplification to fill a room without distorting and the aural chops to back it up, including three 2-inch mid-range speakers providing distinct coverage directions, along with a front-firing 1-inch tweeter and a downward-facing woofer."

The Studio uses five speakers to create that immersive and powerful sound, and it's also compatible with Dolby Atmos. It doesn't matter where you place the Studio, either. It can optimize its sound based on any room. It automatically senses how the acoustics are in any space and fine-tunes the playback.

The Amazon Alexa voice assistant built right in lets you control the speaker and all its features with your voice. You can even control your regular smart home, stream from your favorite apps, and more. You can use Alexa to control Zigbee-compatible devices with the Studio, a feature that's only available in select Amazon devices.

If you just want to dive into lossless audio and music streaming and don't want Alexa listening in on you, the Studio is outfitted with plenty of privacy controls. You can even electronically disconnect the mics if you prefer it that way.

The bulb is easy to setup. Just make sure your Echo Studio is set up, plug in the bulb, and say "Alexa, discover my devices." Your Studio will walk you through the rest.

John Levite
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