Expand the reach of your network with the Google Wifi router at its new price of $99

Google Wifi
Google Wifi (Image credit: Android Central)

Google sells its mesh Wi-Fi system in one and three packs by default, though you can customize the systems to meet the needs of your home pretty easily. The single router normally sells for $129, and the 3-pack has settled down at around $259 recently. We tend to see various discounts on the 3-pack that bring it down to around the $250 mark, but the single unit usually tends to just sit around its full retail price, or drop by only a few bucks. If you don't have a large home or want to expand your current setup of Google Wifi routers, today's the day to do it as the price of the single Google Wifi just dropped to $99 at Amazon and other retailers!

When comparing it to other wireless routers out there feature wise, this price is extremely competitive, except it offers a few things that some other systems won't. Setting up a Google Wifi system is insanely easy, and everything can be done and managed right from your phone.

Once set up, Google will keep it up to date with OTA firmware updates that sometimes bring new features and enhanced controls to it. Basically, if you're in the market for a new wireless router, this may be one of the best ways to go. Need a little more information on Google Wifi before you buy one? Check out our full review here and then head over to Amazon to grab one for yourself.

Jared DiPane
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