Google's new Search feature makes it easier than ever to get COVID-19 vaccine info

Google Search Covid Features
Google Search Covid Features (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google has added new Search features to help people protect themselves from COVID.
  • Users in the U.S. can now find free testing locations and vaccine locations for children on Google Search.
  • It is also now possible to filter results by vaccine type.

Back in December last year, Google started rolling out a new feature on Search, allowing users to look up information for COVID-19 vaccines. The search giant has now introduced new features to help mobile users in the U.S. protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID.

The new features allow users to locate their nearest testing and vaccine locations. You can get started with these new features by opening the Google app on the best Android phones and typing "COVID vaccines near me." Google Search will then display a list of pharmacies and medical facilities around you where you can get a vaccine.

If you're looking for a specific vaccine, you can also search by vaccine type. And if you want to get your kids vaccinated, you can use Google Search to find the nearest vaccine location for children.

Google Search also lets you look for free COVID testing locations. Even if you just search for "COVID testing near me," the search results will indicate whether the site offers free testing.

Google had added similar features to Search, Maps, and Assistant in India in September. It is also working on a new Assistant-enabled end-to-end vaccine booking feature for users in the country. The feature is set to begin rolling in early 2022.

New COVID cases in the U.S. have increased significantly over the last three weeks, with Omicron now accounting for over 73% of cases. Scientists believe the Omicron outbreak in the country may peak in January and then start declining in March.

Babu Mohan
News Writer