Google Lens is getting a 'homework' filter to help kids solve math problems

Google Lens Math Problems
Google Lens Math Problems (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out a few new tools to help students learn at home.
  • Kids will soon be able to take a photo of a math problem or equation and get step-by-step guides on how to solve them.
  • Google has also added 100 STEM-related 3D objects that students can view using compatible Android and iOS devices.

Google has introduced a few new digital learning tools to help students at home. The new tools can help kids with their homework and enable parents to track their kids' progress and also keep them safe online.

Jennifer Holland, Director of Program Management, Education, wrote in a blog post:

When a student turns to Google Search for help with STEM homework this fall, Search will connect them to potential explanations, a step-by-step breakdown for complex math equations and detailed information on the underlying concepts, like the notorious pythagorean theorem. These features help improve comprehension and understanding of core topics. 

Kids will soon be able to use Google Lens to take a photo of a math problem or equation and access step-by-step guides to solve it and better understand the key concepts with the help of detailed explainers. The feature will be powered by the mobile learning app Socratic, which Google acquired in August last year. Weirdly, however, Google hasn't revealed exactly when the feature will begin rolling out.

Google Lens Math Problem

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

In addition to the new filter on Google Lens, the search giant has also added 3D content for 100 STEM concepts across biology, chemistry, and more. Students can access the STEM-related 3D objects on Google Search using ARCore-compatible Android and iOS devices.

The blog post also talks about a few other useful learning tools that Google is now offering. Read Along, which was originally launched in India as "Bolo," can help kids develop a love of reading. With guardian summaries, parents can easily track their child's overall progress while they learn at home. Parents can also use Family Bell on smart speakers and smart displays to add bell reminders that announce when it is time to start a class or take a break.

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