Google 3D animals & AR objects: Full list & gallery

Google 3D animals & AR objects on a Pixel 4a
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Google believes in the practical side of augmented reality. For the last couple of years, the collection of Google 3D animals and objects has expanded on mobile devices, from land animals to underwater creatures to birds, house pets, and even dinosaurs. There's also a growing collection focusing on the human anatomy and the internal biology of our organs and cells, along with planets and other objects in our solar system. It's pretty amazing!

You don't need an expensive Android device to experience it, with support available for tons of really affordable Android devices as well as flagships. Unfortunately, Google doesn't make it easy to see every animal or object that you can view in 3D when it comes to low-end mobile devices. That's where we come in. We're going to show you every single 3D animal and object Google offers below, along with instructions on how to use them.

How do you access Google's 3D animals and objects?

It's easy to access Google's 3D animals and other objects. Just search for a supported animal as you usually would in Google on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet (3D Animals won't show up on a desktop or laptop computer). If the animal is a supported one, you'll see a Google Search knowledge panel similar to those that appear for celebrities and movies.

Here's what this process looks like on a step-by-step basis:

1. Open the Google app or Google Search on your phone.

2. Search for a supported 3D animal or object (we're using "cat" for this example).

3. Scroll down and tap the View in 3D button.

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This page allows you to view the 3D object with the full ability to resize and move it. If you tap the View in your space button, you can even view it right in your home using augmented reality (we'll dive more into that later on).

How do you use Google's 3D animals and objects in Object View?

When you first open a 3D animal or object, you'll see an animated 3D animal against a white background in Object view. You can slide your finger on the animal to have it move up and down, side to side, and rotate a full 360 degrees so you can analyze every inch, from the backside to the underside. Zoom in by sliding your fingers out and zoom out by pinching them together.

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You can tap the share icon near the bottom-right of your phone to share the 3D object through your preferred app, whether it be Twitter, Instagram, or as a regular text. When you do this, Google generates a link that goes right to the 3D item so people can just tap on it and instantly see the said object.

How do you use Google's 3D animals and objects in AR?

Google Search 3D AR View

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In the AR view, move your phone around the room to map and process your surroundings. The animal will soon pop up, blended in with your environment. It might take a few tries, so be patient. Once it works, the animal will appear on your floor, perched atop a shelf, on your computer desk, or wherever you want to place it.

1. When viewing a 3D animal or object in Object view, tap View in your space.

2. Tap Give access.

3. Tap Allow all the time.

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4. Tap Allow.

5. Your 3D animal/object will appear before your eyes.

6. Move around with your phone to look at it from different angles.

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To change the animal's orientation to see the backside and tail of a cute French bulldog, for example, hold one finger on the animal/object and rotate it with another. You don't get the same 360-degree ability to view things like the underside or top of a duck as you would in Object view, but you can turn the animal around, so it's facing different directions.

If you hold the phone still, the animals will do things on their own, too (like wag a tail, hop, or sniff). The tiger, for example, will open its mouth to roar, and the snake will inspect its surroundings.

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In this AR mode, you can also resize an animal/object by pinching and zooming on it. It'll be set at 100% by default to give you an idea of what it looks like in real life, but it can be fun to mess with the different sizes. Additionally, if you want to move a 3D animal/object to a different part of the room, place one finger on the animal and drag it to where you want it.

What is object blending and how do you use it?

Cat in Google 3D animals & objects AR View

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Object blending is a feature available on Android devices that allows the animal to better blend into your real world. It will enable the 3D objects to sense the world around them and adapt to the room/area they're in accordingly.

It's a neat way to make it look like a snake is hiding behind the couch, for example, more realistically displaying only the reptile parts that would be visible if it were actually real.

Object Blending in Google 3D animals and objects AR View

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It's easy to use object blending. When in AR view, you'll see a small circle icon on the top-right with one half that's shaded and one clear. Simply tap that to turn object blending on and off. Of course, you need to get up close to the animal for it to work correctly, and it takes a few seconds for the image to start fading out and blend in nicely. But once it's set perfectly, you can snap a photo to send to friends and family for a good laugh, and kids can have loads of fun playing around with it.

What kind of phone do you need to see Google's 3D animals and objects?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. Apple iPhone 14 Pro

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Google's 3D animals and objects work on many devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

For Android, it must be an Android device or tablet with Android 7.0 or higher with the Google Play Store pre-installed.

For iPhones and iPads, the device needs to be iOS 11.0 or higher.

Some of the many devices that Google's 3D animals and objects feature works on include Samsung phones as far back as the Galaxy S8; any Google Pixel phone; and select Android devices from LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony, and others.

Ad for iOS, iPhones as old as the iPhone 6S and most iPads can also display Google 3D animals and objects, provided the iOS version is updated. If your Apple device has Google Play Services for Google AR installed, chances are it will support the full Google 3D experience.

Google also provides a whole list of supported Android devices and iOS devices.

Do Google's 3D animals and objects have sound?

Google 3D animals and objects have accompanying sounds, which you can hear without issue on Android and iOS devices.

The roar of the tiger is as menacing as if you'd heard one in real life, as is the grumbling of the alligator. The hissing of the Ball python as it moves around gives off the feeling that it's about the strike at any moment.

There are some cute ones, too, like the adorable bark and whine of a golden retriever or Welsh Corgi, the nay of a horse, and the quack of a duck. Even animals like the rabbit include audio with a quiet crinkling and sniffing sound as it searches for food and examines its surroundings. With the angler fish, another relatively quiet animal, you'll hear the sounds of water as it swims around on the screen.

Google Search 3D Animals & AR Objects: Full gallery and list

Below, you'll find an extensive gallery of Google's 3D animals and objects, such as land animals, fish, household pets, insects, dinosaurs, planets, and the human cellular structure. We also have a list of other AR objects available, including planets, moons, and human anatomy.

Note: You'll need to be on a mobile device, like an Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, or iPad, to view the 3D objects when you tap on the links below.

Google Search 3D: Land animals

There are a ton of 3D items you can view in Google Search, but for a lot of people, the most fun to use and interact with will be the animals. So whether you want to view something familiar like a cat or something extravagant like a shark, Google has you covered with a wide array of different animals.

Google Search 3D: Underwater and wetland animals

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