Google Search puts you next to your favorite car with interactive 3D models

Google Search on Android
Google Search on Android (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Search now includes interactive 3D models of over 200 vehicles.
  • The feature uses AR to put the vehicle in your space.
  • Users can change the color and even check out the interiors of some of their favorite cars.

Are you in the market for a new car, but don't wanna head over to the dealership just yet? Or maybe you're just a car aficionado and wanna check out some of your favorite rides without needing to leave the house. Google Search is making it easier to get detailed looks at a number of cars with its interactive 3D models.

The feature was announced back in October at Google's SearchOn event, and it seems the feature is being widely rolled out, including a variety of supported vehicles to join the already long list of Google 3D animals.

According to Google's VP of Engineering, the feature supports more than 250 car models and they're working to add more. Users can set different backgrounds, and even use AR to place the vehicle in their own space, in case they want to show off a sweet ride without actually having one. The new experience also gives users the ability to change the color and take a detailed look at the interior of the vehicles.

The feature can be accessed by searching for cars like the Toyota Supra or Chevrolet Corvette. Supported vehicles will have a section underneath to explore the vehicle in 3D.

The feature works mainly on 2020 models and 2021 models may be limited. The interactive 3D experience works with the Google Search app on Android, so it's available to just about everyone, not only the best Android phones. It is not yet available on the Google app for iOS, although Patel states that the company is working on enabling this experience for those users as well.

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