Google-branded, ASUS-made tablet reportedly arriving in July

We've been hearing rumors of an ASUS-manufactured Google "Nexus" tablet for the past few months, mostly from unconfirmed or dubious sources. Today, though, The Verge​ is reporting that such a device is in the works, and is slated for a July launch at the earliest. Apparently the 7-inch ICS tablet is being redesigned in an effort to reduce its cost (and price tag), resulting in the release window being pushed back from May.

The old design would've made it to market at a $249 price point, but Google is apparently pushing for an even lower price. Current specs are said to include a 7-inch screen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. Of course, if this thing's going back to the drawing board, some of that may change, at least on the hardware side.

If a July launch is indeed in the cards, there's every chance we'll see this thing at Google IO in late June. However, as some of us have pointed out, it'll need to be more than "just another Android tablet" if it's to have any hope of making a dent in Apple's market share.

Source: The Verge

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  • They're gonna have to more than worry about price point. The new iPads screen is gonna have to be matched or it's game over.
  • I know that's why kindle fire selling so bad........matched or game over lol yeah
  • Screen density is only one aspect of the design, and that only matters to some people. Just like CPU power, screen size, battery life, whether or not it has an SDCard slot, speakers, camera quality, etc.
  • Don't be absurd. You're talking about a 7" Android tablet and a what, 9.5" iPad? Matching that screen is going to be very difficult with a smaller display. On the other hand, if the rumored $250 price is supposedly too high, you can only assume that Google wants a $200 price point (like the Kinda Fire). If Asus doesn't screw it up, this will be the hottest thing in a long time. I love my prime, but I'd rather have a 7" for an e-reader and a 10" for everything else.
  • At the 7" level, I'm not sure screen density is as big a deal (and I'm a huge proponent that the iPad3's display resolution and 97" color gamut is a big deal)...people seem more interested in "cheap" and "can consume and get content easily" at this price point. E-reader...take it everywhere, read in bed device. The Nook Color/Tablet both have better screens than the Kindle Fire, but the Kindle Fire is doing better just because of Amazon's muscle and content. I'm not sure what Google can do to compete w/ what Amazon has done in terms of content...even appealing to us tech geeks isn't quite enough because the average joe doesn't care...
  • I'm happy with dual core. Just make sure the screen is high quality... And battery kicks ass.
  • Very excited about this. It doesn't need to compete with the iPad. The iPad is a different animal and you aren't going to convert an apple faithful anyways. It's price that affects the casual buyer in this economy.
  • IMO it needs to be priced at the same level as the cheapest Netbooks - which is $199. if they can accomplish that - they should be able to gain significant market share. it's a Catch 22 for Google though. if they push the price too low they run the risk of cannibalizing their other hardware partners - if the price is too high nobody will buy. i still think tablets should cost no more than what Netbooks cost. on my little Acer Win7 10" Netbook i can do everything - full Office Excel/Word, etc. i paid $229 2.5 years ago. yes i i know there is no expensive touch screen - but still.
  • I wonder if Asus will screw up this launch as much as it has the last two?
  • Maybe that is what Google looks for botched launches. Looks at galaxy nexus when was it coming out whens that pentaband GSM coming stateside oh when ice coming to the nexus s ah Google your releases
  • They better offer the $250 tablet too. Thats the reason I bought a nook and returned it due to their market. That's the only reason. I don't want an under performed tablet
  • You don't even know what the specs are going to be for the RUMORED $200 tablet. Now you're saying they must sell one for $250 too?
  • Hey, that's no worse than Phil, who poo-pooed the entire idea of Google coming out with a Google branded tablet on last week's pod cast.
  • I'm not looking for an iPad competitor, as I'd only use a tablet for surfing the web and reading, including in bed where I'd be holding it one handed overhead. An iPad is too heavy and big for that. I want a true Kindle/Nook competitor with Vanilla Android.
  • If you only want it for web and reading, why does it matter what OS is on it if it can do those two things well?
  • $199 would be great. I would be clamoring to be one. One a side note, did anybody edit this post?
  • So how come there is no love for the Acer Iconia A100? I bought that for my girlfriend when she wasn't really impressed with the Fire or nook. It's a 7" vanilla Honeycomb tablet and ICS has already leaked. It has a small battery, which is annoying, but it exceeds the specs of the other 7" tablets and it really does come close to the bigger tablets (minus the Prime). And, it's just $250.
  • Because its too small.
    Next to the Iconia A500, you really see that 7 is pretty much a waste of time and money.
    The only thing a 7 has going for it is it fits in your girl's purse or your cargo shorts pocket.
  • I have an A100 and it is not too small. It is just the right size to be portable. If I wanted to sit on my couch and read emails while watching TV or lay in my bed and view YouTube videos, I would have bought a 10" tablet. I wanted something I could bring with me without it being to much of a burden. Plus for $250 it is a kick ass tablet. It is more powerful then the fire or nook. It has GPS, front and back camera (even though I think rear cameras on tablets are a waist), and an micro SD card slot. Plus it has access to Google Play, and Amazon market.
  • With a large screen phone already (the GNex), I don't have much use for a 7" tablet. Looks like I'll be holding out for the next-gen Prime later this summer.
  • i know its a REALLY good deal but f@ck i f@ucking hate these 7 inch toy tablets there soo small. who the hell set the standard that 7in is a good size? if i do buy one im not gonna be overprotective of it.if it gets scratched, dropped, etc i really wont care cuz its cheap price wise
  • The millions of people who wanted something more portable and affordable set the 7" screen size, and were NOT trying to find a replacement for a laptop. Just because you hate it, it does not mean there isn't a good market for it.
  • I think its great that Asus and Google have gone together in creating a tablet. However i think the 7" is a mistake. Make it 10". Also it needs a display to go head to head with apples "Retina" display. like said above "no Retina display, game over...again.."
  • While tablets are becoming mainstream, they're not there yet. A cell phone is a must have, while a tablet for most people is still more of a luxury or novelty, and will remain a novelty until each individual can use one to determine it's usefullness for them personally. A high-end tablet will probably not be a purchasing decision that's in the center of mopst peoples radar screen yet. So perhaps this Google tablet is simply meant to help generate interest and sales of higher end devices??? So in todays economy, price will drive the purchasing decision. I think the $200 price point is affordable for many people, and at that price I think it's easier to discard the "entry level" tablet and upgrade in the near future than if the tablet costs $300.00+ Then I start looking at specs; ie... screen size, storage capacity and connectivity. I think 7" is the smallest useable size. For storage capacity, while a micro-card would be nice, I don't think it's necessary as long as there's a minimum of 16G on board storage. And finally, it's got to be carrier free, make it wifi only. GPS, camera and even Bluetooth connectivity would be icing on the cake if it was added, but not sure it's necessary.
  • i really like the idea of a solid tablet at a very low price point ($200), but when I jump into the tablet market, I'm most likely going to want a 10" screen. I know 7" isn't bad, but I feel like for portability my 4.5" phone screen is more than enough. For everything else, 10" would be really nice.
  • I am looking for a 7" WiFi tablet.
    Better than the Kindle Fire, with a camera, and a memory card slot would be nice.
    But in the Low $200 range. And a name brand to back it up.
  • try the acer a100. the battery life aint great but, its a great 7" tab.
  • What is it with these companies and missed "target" dates? In January I read about this tablet and it had everything I wanted, i.e. HDMI out, Tegra 4 chipset, memory card slot, etc., AND it was going to be $250! At first they were saying launch date of "March". Then it was "Second Quarter of 2012". Now they are saying "July" AND it will be totally redesigned! I'm so pissed!!! I should have bought something back in January. Am I supposed to wait until July to purchase and then find out they've removed the HDMI, or gone with a slower chipset to reduce the cost? $250 was a good price point for what they had announced. Having to wait ANOTHER 3 to 4 months for basically a tablet with unknown specs DOESN'T sound like the best plan for me.
  • You lose nothing waiting. You gain a lower price on what you would have bought back in Jan, because, whatever it was that you could have bought, will still be around, but at a lower price, and then you can compare what could have been, with what is out 4 to 6 months from now. Really if you look at it how I do, you have done fine without a tablet until today, waiting won't hurt one bit.
  • 7" tablets suck.