Giveaway: Win some EPOS | SENNHEISER gear in this PC Gamer and SpecialEffect holiday contest

Pc Gamer Specialeffect December Giveaway
Pc Gamer Specialeffect December Giveaway (Image credit: PC Gamer)

Giveaways are always fun and it's even better when they benefit great causes, especially around the holidays. The folks over at PC Gamer are teaming up with SpecialEffect to give away some EPOS | SENNHEISER prizes while raising awareness for the work that SpecialEffect does.

SpecialEffect is a U.K.-based nonprofit organization that works to provide custom equipment setups and assistance to players with different physical disabilities, such as Charlie. Charlie enjoys watching streams and playing games like Mario Kart or Paw Patrol, which can be difficult on a regular controller due to cerebral palsy. Charlie's dad was aided by SpecialEffect in putting together a unique setup that enables him to have fun. This included a larger joystick, larger buttons, and more. This is just one of several ways that SpecialEffect is making a difference in players' lives.

Charlie Specialeffect

Source: SpecialEffect (Image credit: Source: SpecialEffect)

Here's the list of prizes being given away in this team-up between PC Gamer and SpecialEffect.

  • 1 x EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 601 wired headset (valued at £199)
  • 1 x EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 670 wireless headset (valued at £279)
  • 1 x EPOS | SENNHEISER GSX 1200 amplifier (valued at £219)
  • 1 x EPOS | SENNHEISER powerbank

There's 29 days left to enter this special giveaway, which ends on Dec. 31, 2020. There are six different easy ways to enter the contest and increase your entry count just before the holidays. Click below to enter.

This December, help us support SpecialEffect and enter to win an EPOS | SENNHEISER prize package!

Sennheiser has been in the audio accessory game for decades, and that includes gaming headsets. Its headsets tend to be on the premium side with great sound quality thanks to great drivers, incredible builds, and a multitude of features. You can find out more about EPOS and its products on the official website.

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