Get more done at once with this Black Friday deal on an LG UltraWide monitor

LG 34 Inch Monitor Bf
LG 34 Inch Monitor Bf

While monitors get curvy and QHD and super-fast in their pursuit of PC gaming perfection, not all of us need to drop a thousand dollars on a new screen. This LG UltraWide has the practical upgrades we expect of a modern monitor without going overboard with the price or the feature-list. In other words, this is the Black Friday monitor deal to grab if you're looking to upgrade your home office.

This 34-inch screen is only 2560x1080 pixels, but if you're looking for an ultrawide monitor for a Chromebook or a more budget-minded Windows desktop, fewer pixels means less strain on the machine rendering that extra screen and 1080p still looks decent at that size. You still get more than enough room to bounce between multiple windows while keeping everything visible.

LG's Flicker Safe and Reader Mode should help the screen on the LG 34WK650-W be easier on your eyes during long days and longer nights — as someone who struggles with eye strain, I wish I had this screen on my desk right now — by helping reduce flicking from the refresh rate and letting you toggle to a color temperature that will be easier on your eyes at night. You also get AMD FreeSync, if you're intending to use this monitor for gaming, but chances are if you're serious about gaming on your computer you're getting a 4K screen.

There are 5W stereo speakers integrated into this ultrawide monitor if you don't intend to buy yourself a proper set of desktop speakers, but they're not much better than the speaker inside your laptop right now. There are two HDMI ports on the back of this monitor as well as a DisplayPort, so you could use this monitor in a daisy chain if desired.

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