Get half off the latest Nest Mini and treat yourself

Nest Mini on shelf
Nest Mini on shelf (Image credit: Android Central)

Though Black Friday hasn't made it here just yet, that isn't stopping retailers from cranking out some pretty great deals right now. One such deal is this one from Best Buy that is knocking $25 off the Nest Mini (2nd gen) smart speaker. This is the latest iteration of the smallest Google Assistant speaker in Google's lineup. While it may be small in stature, we found it to be far better than expected in our review of Nest Mini

The Nest Mini is a fantastic option for anyone starting to get into smart home products or those who want to expand theirs. Thanks to its small footprint, the Nest Mini can fit into more spaces without being an eyesore. But if you want to incorporate the speaker into your decor, it is so much easier with the design choices Google offers on one of the best smart speakers you can buy.

Google covered nearly the entire speaker in a beautiful fabric that is available in three color options — Charcoal, Sky, and Coral. The speaker's underside is a color-matched, rubberized plastic to keep the speaker from moving around while playing your favorite tunes. There's also a handy mounting hole on the bottom so you can hang the speaker on the wall.

Pick up the super-helpful Nest Mini (2nd gen) and get half off!

The Nest Mini's improved sound and fun colors are a welcomed bonus to the helpful Google Assistant built into the speaker.

Aside from getting a great little smart speaker in this deal, you also will get 3-months of YouTube Premium as a thank you. With the premium option of YouTube, you'll get a lot of great benefits to make watching videos online even more enjoyable.

The Nest Mini is a fantastic speaker that can do so many things with the help of Google Assistant. From answering questions, running custom routines, playing your favorite audio, and controlling all the Black Friday smart home devices, you picked up during the holidays.

Chris Wedel
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