This must-buy PS5 SSD is over 50% off for Prime Day, and it won't last

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Anyone that plays video games with the PS5 knows that the difference in load times is one of the biggest things making it an upgrade over the PS4. That's thanks to the ultra-fast internal SSD. If you want to expand that limited storage space, you'll need to buy an SSD that's rated to run within the system. As such, the Prime Day discount on the WD Black SN850 can't be ignored, as it's available for just $105 at Amazon right now, a 55% price drop.

The WD Black SN850 is easily one of the best PS5 SSDs available. In our testing, we found it to be incredibly reliable, with loading speeds for any installed games being practically identical to when they were on the PS5's internal drive. You can have peace of mind knowing your games won't suffer from degraded performance. 

I absolutely love this SSD, as it allows me to store more games. Sometimes I want to revisit something after I've played it the first time, or keep it around for co-op with a friend. Having this SSD means I'm not deciding which games to delete when a new title arrives and I need more storage space.

While we've seen discounts on this drive before, a 55% drop is completely unprecedented, and can't be expected to last long. The PS5 generation is just getting underway, and with many more games coming — from third-party developers and PlayStation Studios alike — you can't afford not to buy this SSD at this price.

Store over twice as many games

WD Black SN850 SSD:$230$105 at Amazon

WD Black SN850 SSD: $230 $105 at Amazon 

This SSD is over 50% off right now, making it an absolute must-buy for anyone that needs more storage space on their PS5. Games take up huge chunks of storage now, but the WD Black SN850 is proven to meet the requirements for being used in a PS5. Just make sure to grab a heatsink to go along with it!

Now, there is one tiny caveat to this. Because the discounted SSD doesn't include a heatsink, you'll need to grab a separate heatsink and install it with the SSD in order to use it in your PS5. This isn't too much of a hassle, and you'll still be saving a lot of money, as you can grab a compatible heatsink to use with your new SSD for just $8 at Amazon.

If you really would rather not deal with that, you can just buy the model of SSD that has a heatsink built in, but it's $141 at Amazon right now, so you won't be saving quite as much money.

If you're keeping a look out for other gaming deals, there's plenty to look through, as we're keeping track of all the best PS5 Prime Day 2022 deals, with different accessories and even a few games getting meaningful discounts. 

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