Cloud gaming NVIDIA GeForce Now brings 120FPS support to compatible Android phones

God of War on Galaxy Z Fold 3 via GeForce Now
(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • NVIDIA GeForce now supports a 120FPS gaming experience on all Android phones.
  • Phones will need a 120Hz screen to take advantage of this enhanced experience.
  • The increase in FPS is rolling out this week and will be available on GeForce Now's highest membership tier: RTX 3080.

Cloud gaming service NVIDIA GeForce Now will now officially support 120FPS gaming on all compatible Android phones.

Android phones that will fit into NVIDIA's compatible range will be those with a higher than average screen refresh rate. According to The Verge, only phone screens with a "120Hz" refresh rate will be able to utilize NIVIDIA GeForce Now's 120FPS gaming experience. They also go on to mention that 120FPS experiences with NVIDIA were once only available for some of the best Android phones like those from Samsung and Google.

The FPS (frames per second) rate matters quite a bit when it comes to gaming -—as many gamers will have you know. How many frames you're getting, in tandem with the refresh rate of your device, will determine how smooth the game looks on your display. The Verge does mention that, previously, multiple devices had an FPS cap of 60. With NVIDIA GeForce Now bringing in this additional support, devices with a 120Hz screen will benefit from an enhanced gaming experience. 

It's worth pointing out that the 120FPS feature will be available exclusively through NVIDIA GeForce Now's highest membership tier. The "RTX 3080" tier provides members with a GeForce RTX 3080 rig, the 120FPS gaming experience, and an eight-hour gaming session. 

The Verge did receive confirmation that this new FPS experience would be rolling out this week. They also make mention that cloud gaming provides the advantage of "being able to play games from anywhere regardless of your device."

This is true, as, for PC gaming, you'd need to purchase a better screen or graphics card. Streaming a game to your device is a good step toward people enjoying games in a better way, but a good internet connection and speed are necessary to game without interruptions.

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