Galaxy S3 Cases

With so many different Samsung Galaxy S3 cases on the market, choosing the perfect one is paramount for protecting your device as well as complimenting your own unique style.

The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is still fresh from its launch just earlier this month and we're curious how you plan to protect your new investment. Does a basic skin case suit your daily needs or do you require something with a little more beef to it, say, a hard case? Let us know in the poll below then check past the break for some more insight on picking up the right case for your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Choosing the Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Case for You

Without a doubt the most popular and important commodity to any Galaxy S3 owner is a reliable, solid case. What style case for the Galaxy S3 is dependent upon many things such as the type of workplace, a particular budget, or whether you prefer to keep your device as slim as possible or desire extra protection over form factor.

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Taking all these things into consideration will help you determine which Galaxy S3 cases are best for you and your needs. Lets take a closer look at some popular options of cases for the Galaxy S3.

Most Popular Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases

Galaxy S3 Flip CaseFlip cases for the Galaxy S3 are becoming very popular due to their slim design and unique way to integrate into the device itself. 

Samsung has manufactured their own take on the Galaxy S3 Flip Case which actually replaces the stock battery door with a new cover which looks identical, but includes a soft front flap that folds over the 4.8-inch display protecting it from scratches.

You'll find that these style cases along with most skins and hard cases will have full access to the Galaxy S3's camera, charging port, volume buttons, headphone jack and power button.

Galaxy S3 Skin CasesSamsung Galaxy S3 skins are pretty much your basic affordable silicone molded cases that wrap around the the back and corners of the device. There have been many improvements to these style cases for the Galaxy S3 since most don't offer much in terms of protection if takes a bad enough spill.

Many manufacturers are creating "Hybrid" cases which incorporate a silicone skin underneath a strong polycarbonate shell. These are especially popular since they keep a slim form factor while being able to absorb more shock than a stand-alone skin case.

Galaxy S3 Hard Cases Offering a more solid layer of protection, hard cases for the Galaxy S3 come in many different colors, styles, and generally vary in thickness.

Most are made from a strong polycarbonate and protect the front, back and corners of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Most people that work outdoors daily invest in a hard case for their Galaxy S3 as it protects against drops extremely well and some even offer a certain level of protection against the elements.

Galaxy S3 HolstersHolsters are convenient cases for the Galaxy S3 but generally do not offer much for support against drops unless purchased as a shell/holster combo.

Constructed from a hard plastic, these holsters feature a durable swivel clip that can be used to attach to your belt, purse or bag ensuring that your Samsung Galaxy S3 stays safe and secure inside the holster. When you need to access your GS3, simply unclip it and it's ready to go. 

Unless you're extremely confident in handling your Samsung Galaxy S3, we'd strongly suggest using a shell and holster combo for added protection against drops outside the holster.

Wrap up

There's a brief look at some of the most popular style cases for the Galaxy S3 from  Based on your personal lifestyle, narrow down which Galaxy S3 case suits you best, and then it's only a matter of choosing a color!

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