Apparently this is a thing with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that needs to be said out loud: Do not insert the S Pen back into the body of the phone backward. Or upside down. Or whatever.

Pointy side first, folks.

Writes, erm, FrogVomit in our forums:

Mere hours after getting my Note 5, I put the pen back in the hole without really looking at what I was doing, and stuck it in backwards. To my utter horror, I was then unable to extract it! I tried pushing, pulling, and wiggling it for several minutes without pulling too hard, and eventually it came out. BUT, my pen removal detection seems to have stopped working. Nothing happens when I pull the pen out anymore.

Mike 5567 apparently ran into this one as well:

The backwards pen of death got me too. I was watching a movie at home and accidentally put the pen in clicker side first. It goes in smooth but locks in there. I tried to wiggle it out and the clicker broke off inside the holster. This flaw seems like it could become a serious problem.

And then there are a couple more pages arguing over whether it's a design flaw, or user error, or both. Pretty much what you'd expect. And, indeed, it's possible to stick the pen back in the phone butt-first, exactly the opposite way you're supposed to, with very little resistance. It's also easier to do than on previous models, all of which were designed a little differently and weren't as prone to users blindly backing the S Pen into the hole the wrong way. Oh, you can flip it on its front, or on its back — it's fine with either of those orientations. But don't be trying to have a breech baby here, people.

At left: The right way. At right: THE WRONG WAY DO NOT DO THIS EVER.

It's one of those things that's not supposed to happen. It shouldn't happen. But — guess what — someone went and did it anyway. Here's to hoping for a good return policy.

Me? I just hope nobody tries running with the S Pen in hand. Lives are at stake!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


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