Spare Batteries for the Samsung Fascinate are designed for the on-the-go power user. The demanding use of data and talk time translates into higher battery consumption, and a backup battery can deliver hours of extra talk and play time. Small, durable and lightweight, these are a must-have solution that is ideal when power outlets are not readily available.

Samsung Fascinate Standard Batteries

Fascinate Batteries 

Standard batteries for the Samsung Fascinate are great to have handy as a replacement cell if you're always on the go and need that extra life for your Fascinate. No extra bulk, just pop it in and you're ready to rock.

Samsung Fascinate Extended Batteries

Fascinate Extended Batteries

The Extended Life Batteries for the Samsung Fascinate are perfect for the user that wants the extra boost in battery life, without having to carry around a spare battery. Although they add extra thickness to the back of the device, you can always count on making it through the day without having to worry about constantly keeping your Fascinate charged up.

Best Selling Samsung Fascinate Batteries