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Cyber Monday is a weird time of year that we all love to complain about and then spend money on anyway. It's hard to pass up a great deal knowing how much money you're saving. While there are a ton of spectacular deals and savings on PS5 games and accessories for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these are just a few that we think every PS5 owner should get.

PlayStation Plus 1-year membership card

PlayStation Plus 12-month | Starting at $30

Every single PS5 owner should have PlayStation Plus, and you cannot beat 50% off. PS Plus offers a host of premium benefits like online multiplayer and cloud storage, but best of all it includes two free games every month and access to the PS Plus Collection.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 White Gen

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Gen 2 | Starting at $90

If you're looking for a headset compatible with PS5 that won't cost you a fortune, this is it. Turtle Beach is one of the most trusted names when it comes to headsets, and its Stealth 600 Gen 2 is the perfect accessory to your PS5.

Wd My Passport Go 1tb Ssd Amber Render

WD 1TB My Passport Go SSD

Since the PS5 doesn't support internal NVMe SSDs just yet, this is the next best thing. Grab a external SSD to play your backward compatible PS4 games the way they were meant to be and take advantage of PS5 Game Boost for improved performance and resolution.

Ghost Of Tsushima Launch Edition

Ghost of Tsushima | Starting at $40

Everyone's calling Ghost of Tsushima the Game of the Year already, and it's no wonder why. This samurai tale takes us to Tsushima island during the invasion of the Mongols, and its open world is absolutely gorgeous. Anyone who hasn't played it yet shouldn't miss this deal.

Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 boxart

Cyberpunk 2077 | Starting at $50

Cyberpunk2077 is still up for preorder so you won't be finding any amazing deals on it, but even just $10 right now feels like a steal. You can get the game that everyone's sure to be talking about for years to come for only $50, with a free PS5 upgrade to come down the line.

Final Fantasy 7 remake boxart for PS4

Final Fantasy 7 Remake | Starting at $30

One of the greatest games to ever release was immaculately remade for PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy 7 Remake faithfully recreates the iconic experience while modernizing the gameplay for new audiences. There's something for everyone to enjoy here, and there'll only be more to come in the future. This is only part one.

Dualsense Reco Box

DualSense | Starting at $70

Technically this isn't on sale, but it's just go good we had to include it. The DualSense is a revolutionary controller with incredible adaptive triggers and haptic feedback technology. Every bit of praise you've heard about it is true, and you should definitely keep an extra on hand for a friend or family member.

It is cheating to say some of these are on sale for Cyber Monday? Sure. But they're on sale nonetheless, and these are deals you shouldn't pass up if you own a PS5. If I had to pick just one, I'd say grab the PlayStation Plus membership. If you already have one, then that's when I'd go for the Stealth 600 Gen 2 wireless headset. You can't really find Sony's Pulse 3D headset in-stock anywhere, and either way it usually costs a little bit more.

For anyone that already filled up their PS5 storage, you shouldn't go out and buy an internal SSD for PS5 yet. Instead, pick up an external SSD or HDD to store and play your backward compatible PS4 games. There are plenty of sizes to choose from, ranging from 500GB up to 8TB, so you'll be able to get what suits your needs best. Just be aware that bigger it is, the more expensive it will likely be.

As for games, some of the best on PS5 are PS4 games. Sony's studios released several critically-acclaimed exclusives this year, one of the most talked about being Ghost of Tsushima. Try it out for yourself to see why everyone has been raving about it.

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