OnePlus One

Whether you recently picked up a OnePlus One or have had one for a while, there are a number of great accessories that you should have in your collection. From cases to screen protectors, extra ways to charge your phone and more, odds are that your accessory collection could use some expanding. Luckily, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get some cool accessories for your OnePlus One, so let's take a look at some of the ones you should consider picking up.

PThink Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

When you think of protecting your phone, odds are that you think of grabbing a case, but what about the screen? Well, PThink's tempered glass protector will add another layer to your screen to prevent scratches and dings from hitting the screen so it can look good for the long haul. It also could potentially help during the event of a fall or drop, as it is likely the glass screen protector will shatter before the screen itself — at least, that's the idea!

The screen protector has an anti-scratch coating and is fingerprint resistant to keep it looking good while you are using it. For less than $10, you can't go wrong with this extra protection on your phone.

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TUDIA Ultra Slim TPU


Cases aren't for everyone, but the protection they provide sure is nice. TUDIA's Ultra Slim TPU case offers a clear thin layer to the phone so it doesn't add much bulk or detract from the look of the phone itself. The case itself is very durable and has a soft touch feel to make it comfortable to use. It is form-fitting and provides access to all your ports. You can pick one up in clear, black or blue for just around $10 at Amazon.

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Aukey 5000mAh battery pack

Auk 5000

Sometimes the battery inside the phone isn't enough to make it through the day, or you may not find yourself around a charger at night. If that is the case for you, you'll want to have a spare battery pack around to give you some extra power, and Aukey's 5000mAh is a great choice. It has a small cylindrical design that makes it easy to keep in your pocket, bag or anywhere else. It has a single USB port on it which allows you to use a cable of choice to charge the phone, and the battery pack itself charges through a microUSB port. For just $10, this is a perfect addition to your collection.

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iOrange-E microUSB cable

iOrange-E cable

Having an extra USB cable around is never a bad thing, especially a durable one. iOrange-E has a nylon braiding on its cable that makes it able to withstand more use and abuse than other cables. It is just over six feet long, so you won't have to sit right on top of your charger or tied to the wall. The cable supports high-speed charging and allows for 2.4A to pass through it. The cable is available in a variety of colors and some longer lengths should you need the additional cable for your charging setup.

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OnePlus USB Power Adapter

Power Adapter

Even though the OnePlus One comes with a wall charger in the box, you may want to have an extra around for your bag, office or other room in the house. OnePlus offers its USB Power Adapter, which has a small overall profile, as an extra accessory. Some people only prefer to charge their phone with a branded charger from the same company, so this will allow you to do that without having to transport just one charger everywhere with you. For just about $10, it would be silly not to have an extra laying around.

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Your turn

What are your essential accessories for the OnePlus One? Such a great phone — even more than two years later — deserves the best. Let us know in the comments!

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