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Dell Streak with white back available from and exclusive to Best Buy

The Dell Streak now comes in white, at least on the back. An exclusive version of the device sporting the black and white look will only be available from Best Buy for $300. In-store pickup is the only way to get one of these at the moment, though we're hoping online purchasing will soon open up.

The white back looks sharp, and more consumer choice is always better. (Oh, and where's that white iPhone? Zing!) Now the Dell Streak can be had in black, red and white. For more pictures hit the source link. [Streak Smart]

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  • As fun as it is to have a different colored phone back, white or whatever, I'm not sure of the point when the majority of peeps slap cases on their phones so who the heck ever sees it. Just like those sleek and beautiful iPhones that you can never see because their too fragile to not put in a case. I'm going to try a SkinIT on my Evo 4G and see how that looks. :)
  • (Oh, and where's that white iPhone? Zing!) BURN! Wellll... kinda burn once you take into considerations older versions of the iphone had a white back and the iphonhe 4 is actually all white. Funny thing about white electronics is that people don't realize how disgusting they will look in a couple months.
  • I checked out the Dell Streak in Best Buy this weekend, it was OK. It seemed about as large as the Droid X, next to the Galaxy Tab. A 7 inch screen is about as small as I would go for this type of device. I really like the size of the 10 inch iPad; but, I would not buy another i based product after switching to Android.
  • Good point thegeester! While I dreaded putting a case on my Fascinate, it was more important that I keep my cell in good condition as it was only a matter of time before I dropped it. Most people put cases/covers on theirs as well to either protect them or to be able to clip them to their belts etc. Whats the point in buying a white phone (or any other color for that matter) if you're only going to cover it up with a protective case? I don't see any of these white phones really taking off, but at least they give you the color option so I guess that's a good thing.
  • ughh i wish the evo was 5 inchs. :(