Cyber Monday is a great time to save hundreds of dollars on expensive wide-screen monitors, and you probably will find the very best pricing of the year. But not every space is set up for a 34-inch ultra-wide monitor that costs upwards of $1,000. That doesn't mean your small space needs to have something sub-par, though. We've got just the thing you may be looking for.

Mighty Mini Monitor

Dell Monitor Render

Dell 24-inch Ultra-Thin Bezel Monitor

This FHD 1080p Monitor has a 75Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync technology, and a 178-degree viewing angle from its IPS panel. That goes great with its super thin bezel-less design and low price, making it perfect for a lot of small spaces.

Dell Monitor LifestyleSource: Dell

Smaller spaces can be tough when trying to build the perfect work (or play) space. There are plenty of smaller sized things out there, but often they can be lacking in the quality department. While you're busy looking for the right deal and the right chair, take a minute to check out the right monitor, too.

Whether you're building out a small desktop system or just want something to plug your Chromebook into when you need a bigger display for those long workdays, you'll love this Dell Monitor.

It looks great whether the screen is on or off, thanks to its excellent stand that pivots, swivels, and tilts along with the fast IPS 1080p panel. It also has an amazing 178-degree viewing angle and combined with those super-thin bezels, it's perfect for a multi-monitor setup, too.

Best of all, its Cyber Monday price is just $130! This might not be the biggest monitor out there, but you can't say the same about its value. You can do a whole lot worse for $130, but you shouldn't, and you don't have to!

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