Motorola knows how to sell unlocked phones. To wit, the company has discounted its excellent Moto Z — the OG Z, if you will — to $499.99 and is throwing in an extended 2-year warranty called Moto Care, which offers up to three (!!) low-deductible exchanges and free shipping back and forth.

So should you get a Moto Z right now, especially when the Moto Z2 Play is coming soon at the same price? Well, the Moto Z is more powerful and has a better camera, and while it doesn't yet sport the software updates that come with the Z2 Play's Android 7.1.1 build, it's likely that it will get it at some point (we've reached out to Moto to confirm).

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Nevertheless, the Moto Care addition costs $75 on its own, so even if the phones themselves are a wash, if you are clumsy and expect to need to replace your phone's screen, this deal is pretty attractive.

You'll need to enter the coupon code MOTOZ200OFF at checkout to get the discount and warranty extension. Who's buying?

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