These Cyber Monday deals get you 20% off mobile tripods and ring lights

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light Lifestyle
UBeesize Selfie Ring Light Lifestyle (Image credit: Amazon)

Working from home is still a reality for many worldwide, which means good lighting is necessary when on virtual work meetings. Sure, Google Meet can now automatically optimize lighting when it detects a dark environment, but it can only do so much. And if you're anything like me, you like to spend your meetings smoldering at the camera. That's why it's always a great idea to have a good mobile tripod around, especially one with a ring light attached. That way, now only can you feel more confident on Google Meet, but you can also get better selfies as well.

UBeesize is offering 20% off its mobile accessories to help you look your best, no matter the situation. Whether it's a tripod, ring light, or LED light setup, these accessories will work with any of the best Android phones. So when you're shopping around for Cyber Monday Android phone deals, be sure to pair your new phone with a tripod for better shots and a selfie ring light to upgrade your photos and videos.

Cyber Monday deals: 20% off mobile tripods

Cyber Monday deals: 20% off selfie ring lights

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