Droid Landing, the twitter page for all things Droid branded, has been up to some shenanigans today — the most recent of which features James Franco riding a bike on a street as his friends try to record him using their phone. Franco pops out of frame, then reappears suddenly, whips out what looks to be a Droid Turbo, snaps a photo, and disappears down the street in the blink of an eye. The message here is clear: your phone is slow and the Turbo is, well, turbo.

This is in addition to an eight-second clip tweeted out by the page earlier, simply captioned "Things are going to get scary, fast. #Droid." The clip features a hand reaching out toward a flowing red ribbon to the sound of tense violins.

The Droid Turbo, which has been far from shy in recent weeks, is expected to be unveiled tomorrow according to a mysterious countdown timer that Verizon initiated two weeks ago.

Keep your eyes peeled here tomorrow for all the Droid Turbo news. In the meantime, head on over and check out what we know about the Droid Turbo so far.

Source: @DroidLanding, James Franco

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