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Common Moto G4 and G4 Plus problems and how to fix them

The Moto G series epitomizes the budget segment, and the Moto G4 and G4 Plus build on that tradition by offering great features at an affordable price. Both phones have been in the market for over six months, and have their share of problems — both hardware and software. Some have been addressed with software updates, with the recent Nougat update increasing battery life and fixing several bugs, and there are others you can fix yourself.

Yellow tint on the display

Moto G4 Plus

If the screen on your Moto G4 or G4 Plus has a yellowish tint, there are a few things you can do. First off, the LCD display on the phones skews towards the warmer end of the scale. The panels are sourced from different display manufacturers, and as they're produced in batches, you may end up with a device that has a more pronounced tint than others.

If you feel that the panel on your phone has a yellow tint, you can try switching the color saturation by heading into Settings -> Display -> Color mode. By default, the Moto G4 uses the Standard color mode, but you can switch to the Vibrant mode for more saturated colors. If you still feel that the display has a yellow tint, you should consider taking the phone to your nearest service center to see if the panel is within spec.

Ghost touches while charging

Moto G4 Plus front

Several Moto G4 and G4 Plus units seem to suffer from ghost touches — wherein the phone will not register your touch input when answering calls, the notification shade comes down by itself, or the display switches off automatically. The issue seems to be prevalent when the phone is charging, with a few users also noticing severe input lag.

If you're seeing ghost touches, try using a different charger and cable. Your phone may be receiving a charge that's higher than usual, or if you're in an area where the wall outlet isn't grounded — common in countries like India — it will lead to a lot of static and interference. If you're still facing the issue after using Motorola's bundled Turbo Charger, you should take the phone to your nearest service center.

According to a post on Lenovo's forums (opens in new tab), the service centers will be able to fix ghost touches without having to change the hardware:

We recommend submitting your phone for repair if you are troubled by "ghost touches" when charging. The repair centers are equipped to correct this problem without changing hardware.

That said, going by the recent comments in the thread (opens in new tab), it looks like there are users that are still facing ghost touch issues with their phones after taking them to the service centers. If that's the case with your handset, your best bet is to get a refund or replacement.

Overheating problems

Moto G4 Plus

There are multiple reports online about the Moto G4 and G4 Plus overheating during gaming, and while using the camera to record videos. All phones suffer from some amount of thermal issues given that they pack an incredible amount of hardware in an enclosed space, but there are widespread reports of customers with overheating issues on the Moto G4 and G4 Plus.

If your phone is also overheating, here's a list of possible fixes (opens in new tab), straight from Motorola:

  • When shooting video, go into Airplane Mode if possible, and/or turn off video stabilization.
  • Avoid Turbo charging in hot weather; use a regular charger or your PC to charge. Turbo charging creates more heat than regular charging.
  • Wait until you're out of the heat to watch video, play games or engage in other high-power activities.
  • Shield your phone from direct sunlight.
  • Take a short break from high-power activities to let the phone cool.
  • If your phone is in a case, try using it without the case to allow quicker cooling.

The options listed above aren't the most practical — going into flight mode to record a video isn't a solution — and if your phone is overheating constantly, you should consider returning it and getting a new unit. The issue seems to particularly affect Indian customers, which isn't all that surprising. That said, I haven't faced any issues with either the Moto G4 or G4 Plus in over six months, and neither has anyone that bought the phone on my recommendation.

Random app crashes and restarts

Moto G4 Plus screen

If your Moto G4 or G4 Plus is seeing random restarts or app crashes, you should boot into safe mode to rule out any errant apps. To boot into safe mode, press the power button until you see the Power off dialog box. Then press and tap the Power off button until you see Reboot to safe mode. Hit OK to boot into safe mode.

You'll see a Safe mode persistent notification on the bottom left corner once the phone boots up. All third-party apps will be disabled in this mode, and it should help you figure out if the issue is with a particular app or the OS itself. If you don't see any reboots, then the issue is with a third-party app.

Reboot the phone and start uninstalling apps one by one to see if that makes a difference. If you're still seeing reboots while in safe mode, it's time to do a factory reset. Head into Settings -> Backup & reset and turn off Automatic restore. Then hit Factory data reset -> Reset phone. The issue should get resolved with a factory reset, but if it doesn't you know what to do.

Battery life problems

Moto G4 Plus battery saver

The battery life on the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus is great out of the box, with both phones easily lasting a day on a full charge. However, if you're seeing a higher-than-usual battery drain, you can do the following:

  • Watch out for power-hungry apps: To see if an app is using up a lot of battery, head into Settings -> Battery to isolate the problem. Facebook and Facebook Messenger have over 1 billion installs on the Play Store, but they continue to be two of the most resource-hungry apps on Android.
  • Toggle battery saver mode: The Moto G4 and G4 Plus have a nifty battery saver mode that lets you eke out the most out of the battery. You can set it to turn on automatically at either 15% or 5%, or toggle it manually to extend battery life.
  • Change display settings: You can lower the screen's brightness and set a shorter interval for screen timeout to maximize battery life. Disabling Moto Actions for previewing notifications also makes a difference.

How to fix Moto G4 and G4 Plus battery life problems

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues

Moto G4 toggles

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems aren't limited to a particular device, and if you're facing issues connecting to Wi-Fi from the Moto G4 or G4 Plus, the first thing you should do is figure out if the problem is with the device or the router. Try connecting from another device, switch off Wi-Fi on the phone, and turn it on again after a few seconds.

If the phone refuses to connect to Wi-Fi, you can try setting up from scratch. Remove the paired connection by holding down on the SSID (the name of the network) in Wi-Fi settings, and selecting Forget network. Then log in to your network again, and see if that works. Same goes when connecting to Bluetooth: if you're not able to connect to a paired device, unpair it and add again.

If that doesn't work, reset the network settings on the phone by heading into Settings -> Backup & reset -> Network settings reset.

Other issues

Notice anything else that's wrong with the Moto G4 or G4 Plus? Let us know in the comments below.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Wife's Moto G4+ doesn't over heat at all...They fixed the issue with a OTA as well. Long time ago if I'm not mistaken. Over all its a great little device for $220.
  • If anything happens when I use normal charger instead of turbocharger
  • I'm starting to wonder about Android Central....are they become click-bait central? " Both phones have been in the market for over six months, and have their share of problems — both hardware and software. " Are the G4 and the G4 Plus PROBLEMATIC? Because a quick skim of the article makes me think so....
  • This article is actually helpful and informative. Not sure how it's click baity. It details the issues without being sensational about them.
  • I have only experienced the random reboot twice since getting last year. Didn't even know people were experiencing all these other issues. I know several people who have the same phone I do without issue and one is even from Australia. This might be my most trouble free mobile device to date. It must vary by country. I have an unlocked US G4 Plus model. Perhaps the Indian models among ones sold outside North America are more cheaply produced? That would make sense, I suppose. Anyhow, I am somewhat jealous though that they already received Nougat. No idea when mine is getting it. My Wife's Samsung S7 however is often irritating her for one reason or another. When I check it out, it's usually due to how Samsung changed the intended Android experience. Thanks again Moto for not mucking up my experience!
  • The only problem I'm facing is burn in. That **** is terrible...
  • My screen is ghosting. Showing burned in images for minutes etc. I have quite liked the phone, but this seems like a defect I would want to talk to Moto about. But I don't know how to actually talk to someone on the phone.
  • This is what I do in this situation. Lock and unlock the device. But it is really difficult to lock due to ghosting. So, I have enabled biometric sensor to lock the device and then I reconnect the charger. This is my little workaround. :)
  • Hmm, I use an app called 'no screen off' so the phone display will not shut off and the phone will not sleep so all push notification are sure to come through immediately. I use it overnight every night at the 'desktop. there is no screen burn in even with the screen output not changing for 6 hours at a time....
  • yea i do agree with u
  • Good tips
  • Wife's G4 built-in camera app no longer works. It locks-up and crashes when trying to take a picture. Had to install 3rd party app.
  • The problem i have with mg Moto G4 is after a couple of days of texting mmy keyboard will start to freeze then it just doesnt show up. I can still type out words and stuff but i cant see the keyboard. Unless i turn the phone off and back on
  • Screen burn in is sooooo annoying! I'm so surprised you guys didn't cover this in your article....
  • Moto g4 plus processor doesnt work properly without any app work some time its consume more power upto 80 90% .frquently. it is the major reason of ghost touch and draining battery life. I think its unstable processor cause for these problems..plzzz checkout this.nd resolve.thnkyou.
  • Works fine here on my US G4 Plus model. The device model you have might not be fit for your application or purpose though? What are you running? PvZ Heroes for example runs very well even when there's a lot going on the background. Apps can be upgrading while I'm receiving text and playing, etc. The performance of your device will ultimately depend on how much RAM you have during tasks and what (how many) tasks you're asking it perform. The 4GB in my Plus edition really makes a difference compared to the 2GB of my previous Nexus 5. Don't mistake the RAM being a potential bottleneck for thinking the processor is at fault. It might not be the processor at all.
  • Due to unstable processor generate heat nd mobile have heating problem.nd heating cause battery life
  • Weird. I don't see anything like that. Is it overheating constantly or only when you're playing a game?
  • When taking HD video for a long time, the CPU cores do throttle to a point where the video is no longer smooth and audio may be cut off at the end of the captured video. The CPU can take a lot of power. I wouldn't exactly call it OVER heating, since it is throttling to prevent overheating. But the cores do get hot, 60-65C or so max. But that's normal for silicon. The phone can get very warm to the touch when taking video for a long time. Or when crunching a distributed computing project like Folding@homr + BOINC all the time.
  • When I'm watching a video with my headphones connected to the phone Moto G4 plus, if I try increasing the volume above 70% the UI system crashes and it straight directs me to the lock screen where I have unlock the phone by pattern to enable finger print unlocking again.
  • That's very strange. I have the volume up past 70% most of the time when paired to Bluetooth and it never has done that. Haven't tried actual earphones. There might be a buggy or rogue app running that fails on your phone during that scenario? What version and build of the official Motorola ROM are you running? Have you rooted the device? What I determined that many issue have come from those that have rooted. That is not to say all, of course. The solution so far for those folks has been to factory reset the device not re-root. No issues so far after that. I know of no one that has kept the device unmodified and had such issues.
  • We have several family members and friends using the Moto G4. No major complaints so far. A great, nearly stock, Android phone for a good price!
  • The only issue I've been facing is with hotspot and that too post updating my device to 7.0 through OTA release. Hotspot turns off automatically after like 5 minutes even though there are devices connected to the network created
  • Hi I am also facing same issue. Please let me know any fixes. Thank you. Have a great day.
  • What about the lack of Miracast support?
  • Google Play Services stopped when I try to ring my Moto G4 from Find my Phone (web). I can find and lock my phone but I can't ring. I was happy with my old Lumia 535 😔
  • I have not faced any problem with my Moto G4 Plus (3GB) so far. The mild heating issue which was there initially has long gone away. Battery life is better after the Nougat update.
  • Interesting. Only the 2GB and 4GB RAM variants are offered here in the US. What country are you in?
  • I am in India.Here we get the 2 GB and 3GB variants on Amazon. There is no 4GB here for us.
  • How do I get the Nougat update for my G4? I check in Settings regularly, and nothing. It's an unlocked phone from Amazon UK if that makes any difference.
  • You can't until it is released by Motorola for your country. India got theirs already. Why I don't know.
  • Many thanks. Have Motorola said when it will be available OTA in any other countries outside India?
  • Motorola has not stated a definite timeframe yet AFAIK. I've heard rumors of February or March. I've heard that it was going to v7.0 but now they're skipping that and going with 7.1.1 Whatever it ends up being and whenever, it will undoubtedly include a newer security update with it. I wish Moto would do the monthly updates like Google and others. I actually like this phone more than the Pixel aside from the slow infrequent updates.
  • Many thanks. Coming from 2 previous Nexuses, the lack of regular security updates does seem rather concerning.
  • My Moto G4 Plus got the Dec security update in January.We got the Nougat update end of December along with the Nov security patch.
  • Yes, I understand many have. Is your device carrier unlocked? What country are you from?
  • I am from India.
    As far as I know, there is no carrier locking in India.
  • I see. That explains why you got updates. For whatever reason, Moto updated that region of the world / model first. Thanks for your answers.
  • hey this is like a phone that i would get because it is cool
  • Hi I am an user of MotoG4 plus. After the OTA upgrade to Nougat, I find that I am unable to download app from Playstore while roaming. The same app gets downloaded through WiFi or once I get back to my home network. I have tried everything right from clearing data to factory reset but the problem remains. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • Have you enabled roaming ?
    Settings > More > Mobile networks > data roaming.
  • well who r u
  • but this phone is actually pretty cool though u can say
  • Hi I am an user of MotoG4 plus. After upgrade to Nougat, I find that I am unable to download app from Playstore while roaming. The same app gets downloaded through WiFi or once I get back to my home network. I have tried everything right from clearing data to factory reset but the problem remains. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • Yeah, that's more a Nougat thing than a Motorola issue. As of now, there isn't a workaround.
  • Works fine with me.Have you enabled roaming?
    Settings> More >Mobile networks> data roaming.
  • Are you sure this is a Nougat problem?I have been facing battery problems in addition to this.
  • My Moto G4 Plus is on Nougat and I have no battery problems.
    Also no problem with roaming,as I mentioned earlier.
  • I see ghost images i.e the screen from the previously used app. This remains on the screen for almost everytime. I asked the service centre about this issue so then they told me to change the display but when I asked a friend of mine he said so use of changing it the problem will still continue.
  • This is my first Android device. I really love it. of course I had two major issues. One has been ghost touch which is not fixed and here in Armenia the shops just sell the phone and have no guarantee for such issues and second was battery draining. Actually I found the problem. Not only Facebook and Facebook Messenger were involved in this matter, but apps like Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp and Skype drains battery. Battery section in Settings shows only %4 percent for example the use of any of these apps, but when I uninstalled Facebook, Viber and Facebook Messenger, battery life increased a lot.
    Regarding ghost touch, which happens not only when connected to the charger, but I noticed when I touch the screen a lot, like while gaming, it happens as well and the only solution to stop it, well almost a solution, is as soon as the screen starts the weird activity, I push the power to go to Standby and as soon as the screen is off, again bring it back on and it works normal.
    I am just disappointed for such long time and there is no sign to upgrade to Android N!
  • hey who r u
  • hey do u have snapchat
  • No. I don't.
  • Sometimes, a single touch on navigation bar is registered as hold . It happens rarely. It was since marshmallow and persists though nougat
  • I bought a G4 Plus at Xmas and seeing articles like this gets me worried. So far I've had non of these problems but it's still on Marshmallow.
  • well guys why r we talking bout this new phone for because it is really really cool
  • Really
  • Waiting for Android 7 for G4's in the USA so I can have true multitasking.. when will it happen? When I first got the phone, the screen would have ghost taps ... as if fingers are tapping on the screen, causing the phones to go bonkers. Usually when I was number crunching on the phone (100% load). But after about a month, this has gone away. Guess once you 'burn in' the phone, that issue goes away. Sweet.
  • Where does the G4 Play fit into this? I bought one (Marshmallow) a couple months ago and have had none of these problems. I'm very pleased with it so far.
  • I have a G4 Play (the Verizon XT1609 variant) and have none of the listed issues.
  • My Moto G4 can't play Pokemon Go. It has to restart when I change apps or let the screen go dark. Tried uninstalling Facebook and anything else using memory to no avail. Can't hatch eggs or get alerts as a result.
  • I am surprised to see when Moto shake hands with LENOVO. My moto g4 + is continuing problem when I downloaded Nought. Play store has been stopped and after visiting twice to moto care centre my problem has not been resolved.
  • Why? Moto is just another Lenovo brand these days. They are not partners but instead own them.
  • Low notification volume has been an issue with no current fix on some G4+ models, including mine. Lenovo knows this and seems to be skirting the issue on their Moto G4 forum about forthcoming fixes.
  • Notification sound volume was fixed in December security patch which was released in January.It was mentioned in the release notes.I did not have the problem earlier but now the volume has actually increased.I am on Android 7.0
  • I'm on the US version of the G4+ (xt1644) and we haven't been updated to N, yet. In addition, the current security patch on my device is from July 2016. I continue to check for updates daily. We're still waiting.
  • My security patch is July as well.
  • After the Android nougat update the battery on motog4+ drains very fast! I close all the background apps! Even if the phone is not used the battery will be draining!
  • I've been very lucky with my Moto G4, I haven't had any of these problems. It got a bit warm when I was shooting some video once, but I let it cool off and it's otherwise been fine and free of any severe issues. The only thing I am curious about... On occasion the time out for the display will spontaneous change from the two minutes that I normally have it set at to fifteen seconds which is the default setting. It only happens rarely and I'm not broken up about it, but I'm curious if anyone else has a problem with the display setting time suddenly and spontaneously changing on occasion?
  • The only problem I have with my G4 Plus Is that it's stuck on Android 6 with a security update from May 2016 and no upgrade is in sight.
    Might have to go with Lineage OS.
  • Before switching ROMs, I'd at least wait until Q2 of this year. I'd expect the update to come before April.
  • I agree !
    If one part of the world has got the updates it will be available for other regions too.
  • I got my Moto G4 plus a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love it. But it's still running marshmallow and it won't let me upgrade to nougat. Does anyone know when that will be available? is there something special I need to do in order to get it? I really want to be able to shrink the screen. Thank you
  • I haven't received the nougat update here in the US yet, but on T-mobile my phone won't connect to LTE. It only connects to HPSA and most the time being away from WIFI it connects to edge. Has anyone else run into this issue?
  • To the one who wrote this article: please include screen burn issue as well because many users are facing this problem. Solution: currently using a colour filter app, it miraculously did the trick, no screen burns as of now and ofcourse a better option than visiting the service centre
  • My moto when I make calls from it, it just started in last week, the person on the other end says they can nearly hear me, I've turned my phone off and back on took battery out, I made sure all volume were turned up still no luck, anyone else have this problem and what to do to solve it I haven't had it 3 months thanks
  • Issue I've seen with my wife's G4 is that despite mounting/formatting the SD card as internal storage, it still won't recognize it as internal storage, only as media storage.
  • I've a weird issue.. My Moto G4 plus keyboard works fine in all apps except WhatsApp. I think that this is after nougat update...
    When I type something, it keeps opening the DP of the person or the group.. it's annoying!! I tried installing a new keyboard, reinstalling WhatsApp, restarting, but no luck. Any help is appreciated!!!
  • Just got my Moto G4 and have a similar issue. When in WhatsApp the phone starts going crazy, closing WhatsApp, and then starts opening and shutting other Apps. That goes on until the phone freezes. Hearing that you have reinstalled WhatsApp and it did not resolve the issue worries me. I have owned a Moto G 2nd Gen before and had no such problems. Wonder if anyone has a suggestion?
  • Mine and my husband's Moto G4s forget how to connect to Bluetooth devices. It will connect only after a soft reset, which isn't always convenient (e.g. to reset phone while driving, so it connects to car bluetooth). Are there settings that can be changed to keep the Bluetooth active?
  • I am having ongoing problem with my Moto G4+ with Bluetooth failing to re-connect to a paired device. I have this problem on two different Moto B4+ phones, mine and my wife's, re-connecting to our respective cars, one a VW Jetta, the other a Nissan Frontier. They are paired properly and all is well right after pairing. But when trying to re-connect later, the phones find the car bluetooth devices, but there is just have an endless spinning icon saying "connecting". Both phones require a reboot each and every time in order to re-connect to the cars. The same problem also exists when trying to re-connect to another device. I have tried unpairing and repairing, but the problem persists.
    I really like these phones, except for this very annoying issue. I am seriously thinking of ditching them and go back to Samsung phones were I never have any any of these problems.
  • @preisedj, I've been having exactly the same issue - reassuring to know it isn't just me (thought I'd dropped my g4+ or left it too long in a damp gym bag)! If you haven't made any progress yet, I may have just found a fix to this:
    1) Go to Settings
    2) Apps
    3) Use the menu button (3 dots top right) and choose "show system"
    4) Open "blue tooth share"
    5) Force stop
    6) open "storage" and then "clear data". I then turned on my speaker (JBL Flip3) and enable on bluetooth on the phone. Was surprised that the name of the device was still there, but it worked! Was able to enable and disable and it reconnected every time I tested. This fix is only a few minutes old so will report back if it stops working again. Good luck everyone! (this is a slightly adapted version of the steps I found on technobezz (I'm allowed to paste the full link - it was /fix-android-phone-wont-connect-or-pair-with-bluetooth/ - the options didn't add up to what I found on my phone, and I couldn't get the "clear cache" button to do anything)
  • hi, i just bought moto g4 plus and i've been having network issues. It loses signal and then goes to full bar again. Wherever i keep my sim, it shows the same problem. can anyone help or has the same issue?
  • Hello
    I'm from Brazil, I have a Moto G4 Plus and I'm having a problem receiving notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail my Smartwach N0.1 G6. I have tried with several applications such as "Mediatek", "BT Notification", "FundoWear" and I am not successful.
    I only receive SMS text message notifications and I can make phone calls normally.
    Can someone help me? Thanks in advance and I apologize for my English because I am using the translator.
  • Just upgraded to Nougat. Texting lags horribly. Blue vertical boxes with the letter flll the screen and I have to wait for them to clear before typing more. Sometimes the text just sits there, like it is processing each letter for a second or two. SO FRUSTRATING! Any ideas? I have checked my keyboard setting and removed vibration, have reset my Applications - all suggestions from other sites. Help!!!