Android Nougat: Everything you need to know

Android Nougat is Google's way of refining what we already have and adding some essential features to an operating system they were already happy with.

The past two years have shown us how Google was shifting its design language on the phones it sells itself and the apps and services that come on your phone. Android itself has followed this trend, and with Marshmallow, we saw a flat but bold design that tied everything together.

Android Nougat doesn't make major changes to the way your phone looks or the way it "feels", but what Google has done under the hood brings some new features — and much-needed polish — to our favorite smartphone operating system.

Android Nougat makes updates faster and easier

When it's time for your phone or tablet to get updated, you won't have to do anything. While you're doing the things you normally do all the hard work is done in the background — very similar to the upgrade experience on Chrome OS. The only thing you need to do is restart your phone to finish things up.

Here's Google's succinct explanation of the situation:

Android Nougat also adds some important new features to help keep users safer and more secure. Inspired by how Chromebooks apply updates, we're introducing seamless updates, so that new Android devices built on Nougat can install system updates in the background. This means that the next time a user powers up their device, new devices can automatically and seamlessly switch into the new updated system image.

Changes to what's called the run-time compiler also mean that you won't have to wait as long while all your apps are optimizing once you do restart — we've all been there watching an "Optimizing ..." screen for 30 minutes after an OTA update.

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Multi-window multitasking

Sometimes when you're doing two things at once it's handy to be able to see them both at the same time. That's what Multi-window is: more than one "window" on your phone's screen.

We've seen a similar feature with the same name from Samsung (and to a lesser extent LG) for a while, but Google has built things in a way that any app will just work, without the developer — or you — doing anything special. The screen will be split 50/50 by default, and it's quick to pull up different apps on the top and bottom on a phone or left and right on a tablet.

For devices with larger screens, there's also a freeform mode that lets you change a window's size and picture-in-picture mode is supported for apps running on Android TV.

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Even better notifications

With Android Nougat, you can reply to your notifications directly from their spot in the tray. You won't have to open the app or install anything extra, either. Once the folks who built your app support the feature, it will just work.

Don't worry, though. When you need to see more or do more than just send a quick reply, you can still tap the notification to open an app and see everything. And with the better bundling of multiple notifications from the same app, you'll be able to tell when you need to see everything even easier.

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Your phone will feel faster and use less battery

Google's "Project Doze" — its code name for ways to have your phone use less battery while it's not in your hands with the screen on — that was introduced with Marshmallow has gotten a major update in Nougat. While it previously worked great while the phone was sitting still and not plugged in, now it works while it's in your pocket or purse. How it does it hasn't changed much; once your phone's screen has been off for a while, it stops doing things in the background all the time and instead uses what Google calls "windows" to check for new messages or do things like update your location.

Better ways to manage memory and when (and how) apps can run in the background (Google's "Project Svelte") mean that you won't have as much unnecessary stuff happening when you weren't expecting it to happen. By only allowing things that you really need to run, your phone will perform better and use less battery.

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Using less mobile data

Overage charges from your phone company suck. With Android Nougat new tools can help keep them from happening.

When you're on a metered connection (one that's not unlimited) — cellular or Wi-Fi — the new Data Saver setting can block background random data usage and restrict things like checking for tweets or emails so that your phone uses less data.

You can tell Data Saver to ignore certain apps, and while it's active you'll have an icon in your notifications to let you know what's up.

More: Data Saver goes above and beyond to help keep bills down

More human emoji

In addition to 72 new glyphs, Android 7.0 has over 1,500 emoji, many of which have been revamped to look a bit more.... human. Traditionally, Android emoji have been cartoony, which has encouraged other manufacturers like Samsung and LG to write their own.

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Improved security

Keeping your data private and personal is important. New features in Android Nougat make things even more secure.

When you start your phone, some apps are able to partially work before you sign in with your password or PIN. Things like the actual phone app or your text messages can still come in, your alarm will still work and any accessibility features needed to better interact with your phone can still run. Other apps and their data will remain unavailable and/or encrypted.

Once you sign in, everything will work normally.

This feature helps keep your data safe if your phone gets lost or stolen, and synergizes well with the remote features of Android Device Manager.

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With Android Nougat, you can give an app access to a certain folder (like your picture library) without letting it have access to all of your external (SD card) storage.

Only granting permission to the folders an app needs to function is the best practice when it comes to security. Scoped directories do just that.

More: Developer documentation on scoped directories

For apps targeted for Android Nougat, the geolocation API is allowed over secure origins (over HTTPS.) This policy is designed to protect users' private information when they're using an insecure connection.

Android For Work

If you use your personal Android phone on the job through a managed system, changes are coming.

For us, things will mostly look and act the same — but better tools and easier ways to set things up mean your IT guy might not be so busy (or so grumpy) and everyone's information will be safer and more secure.

The things we could see, like not being able to use an app we love on company time or being forced to a certain network, depend on what your company needs and how they have things set up. Be sure to go over any questions with your hopefully less-grumpy IT guy if you have them.

Language and locale

If you have your phone set to a specific region — let's say the French-speaking portion of Switzerland — your phone will now try to use a similar region setting if it can't find a specific match. In our example, that means an app can display text and numerical data for standard French instead of just using the default language settings if Swiss localization wasn't included.

You can also select multiple languages (or regionalizations of the same language) in an order of importance — if an app you're using is localized for multiple languages you'll see your top pick — if it's set up for one but not all of your languages, it'll pick the highest one it can.

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Android TV recording and Picture-in-Picture

Basic DVR functionality is coming to Android TV with 7.0. Besides basic controls like Play or Rewind, you'll be able to save multiple sessions. This means you can schedule recordings or record as you watch. With Picture-in-picture support you'll also be able to go into the settings to schedule a recording without missing any of your show.

This should be a great feature for Televisions that come with Android TV installed.

More: TV recording and picture-in-picture come to Android TV

New accessibility features

Not all of us are the same and have the same needs. Better accessibility features in Android Nougat make it easier for everyone to be able to use their phone.

New ways of zooming in on what you see on your screen or adjusting the size of text make a big difference for folks who need them and bringing accessibility features like TalkBack and a custom display resolution to the initial setup process means it's easier to get started, too.

More: Understanding new accessibility features in Nougat

New features in Android 7.1

Android 7.0 ushered in all the above features. Android 7.1, which shipped with the Google Pixel phones and subsequently came to the Nexus lineup, brings a couple of interesting new tidbits to the fore.

In particular, users can take advantage of rounded icons on the Pixel Launcher home screen, along with app shortcuts. And Android 7.1.1 adds support for so-called Image Keyboards — things like GIF keyboards — which are very fun and quite useful.

How to install Android 7.1 on your Pixel or Nexus right now

This post was originally published in August 2016. It was updated in January 2017 with information about Android 7.1.1.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

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  • Google's "Project Doze".... LOL, came from Windows Phone....had a LG G2, G3 and now a G4... The one thing with battery life on all my phones are a roll of the dice. One week, I am into 5 hours of my day (I have a pebble time, so I watch that for notifications 95% of the time) and I pick up my phone and it's at 95%. and good for a few days, then with no update, no app changes, the same time, I am at 47% battery life. (AND yes, I know about background apps and GPS, tweaks, etc) It's so random, no rhyme or reason for this shift in battery, sometimes yanking the battery helps... some times not. Then charging the phone is a whole different issue. I like wireless charging, I used it on all my LG phones. If the battery is under 10%, it will not charge the phone. Some nights I can go to bed with 40% and wake up to 100%, other nights, I can go to bed with a 50% charge and wake up (I assure you it is correctly on the charger, I double check every night) and it's at 35%... I knew on Windows Phone, drop on the wireless charger, and I WILL have a 100% battery life in the morning, even if my battery is at 2% when I drop it on there. And battery life is the same every day, I knew EXACTLY what to expect, if I played a game or watched a few videos, I knew almost exactly what the cost in life it is. Android is nothing like this and on this end, it's one of the top 3 things most important to a Cell phone of modern days. Maybe 7.0 will fix this screw up, as it's a mess and always has been for me.
  • Batter battery life? That is a joke. I charged my battery two days ago. (I d0n't waste my life on my phone and don't let apps do crap when I am not looking it I go 4-6 days between charging, while charging when it gets to 20%). With it being on for about 36 hours of very light use...some minor camera use, and checking e-mail) it was still at 85%. Then when it told me Nougat was available, I plugged it in while it was downloading. I only used the USB cable which charges much slower, but still...After it was done, I left it plugged into my computer as it slowly trickled to 99%. At that point, I stopped looking at it. But it was STILL plugged in, and never once was the screen turned on. SHOULD have been in sleep the whole time. 2 hours later...again, having never been picked up at all, or the screen ever turned on, I checked..and with it STILL PLUGGED IN to my computer, it was down to 94%. with an estimated battery time remaining of 1 day and 12 hours. Two days ago if I had done this and checked 2 hours later with it never being on, it would have been at LEAST 5 days estimated time remaining. Then I noticed that it never once went into deep sleep, which it always did before. Something about Nougat is activating Keep Awake CONSTANTLY. (No new apps were installed...just Nougat.)
  • It takes roughly a full battery cycle for battery life to settle in after a complete wipe and full OS install. Also, even after updating to the newest version there are all kinds of background (Google Play Services) that sit and update and load. Potentially using extra battery.
  • Blame your USB port. That thing offers just half the power of a regular charger brick, even worse at 1/4th if you're still using USB 2.0.
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  • The only thing I need to know about Nougat....when da fuq is it coming to my phone? 1 year after the launch of the OS? And people wonder why Apple wins.
  • Blame your phone manufacturer. I own 2 phones and both are on Nougat 7.1.1
  • Do you know when samsung s7 will release update. Phone is unlocked so can't be to do with network carrier.
  • Hello - its a different way than Apple. If "day-of-AOSP-source-pushed-to-servers" major version upgrades are so important, why had nexus not "won"?. The world is 85% android of some sort and fractional nexus share. Please go Apple then. How about a used iPhone 6 for about $275. You will still get immediate numerical increases for several years longer. Apple "wins" with mr. average citizen because it is a great general purpose device from a respected brand with fashion sense and traditionally hidden cost in your carrier contract. I don't see why android isn't turned into a rolling release. Just "Android" with a build number in the about box. Never do discrete OS releases, no more dessert names. Nothing for people to complain about as long as they continue monthly patches.
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  • Still no update for my Samsung Galaxy s7 it's getting stupid now..
  • Really what did you expect? It follows the same trend and you will get sometime before March.
  • Please stop buying Galaxy's and then complaining about late Android base version bump. You are running "Samsung OS", an Android compatible OS based on a recent version of AOSP. How many years have people been complaining about this - its the way it is. Take it or leave it please. Buy the phone for the phone that it is at the time of purchase. Samsung does give regular security updates - that's whats important. If they weren't doing that I'd be mad then.
  • How about some useful features for business users? Integrated file mgr with drag and drop capability. Built in ability to sync Outlook with contacts and calendar.
  • everyone should be aware of this prevalent nougat bug with wifi/bluetooth connections:
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  • got it today. i hope it helps my s7edge work better with my entune system in my tacoma. my blackberry z30 never had a problem.
  • help!!!! I have tried to upgrade my Note 5 into Nugget version, phone keeps rebooting with animation of dead android figure with exclamation mark and then the model name. Tried all the options (e.g. power+ volume down screen stuck on downloading). What to do?
  • which country ?
  • Multi-window multitasking is a capability who's time has come!
  • I regret doing the upgrade. I have an S7.
    Fonts are harder to read
    Layouts of sms,contacts and the like are hard to follow
    Alerts keep coming up on my lock screen that I have already seen
    SOS sms has gone out twice while sitting on my desk
    I make more mistakes on this keyboard which has a poorer layout and the predictive text is less so.
    I keep getting a message to upgrade my keyboard but the only option given is the one I am already using.
    Give me my old phone back!!
  • White text on white background. What were they thinking ??? I thought I was missing something on my phone. Turns out it's because I can't see white text on a white background. Need to hold phone at a certain angle to try to read certain things.
  • I regret doing the update. Wish I could go back. I hate what you did to messaging app. I liked having my contacts right there so that all I had to do was press their name or picture. Now I have to search? UGH!
  • Ever since the update my Wi-Fi keeps switching up every few minutes or so and my Facebook doesn't load or work right at all. It is very frustrating.
  • I just updated last night both EMUI version to 5.0 and Android to 7.0 on my Huawei P9lite and at a first look it seems to work and look fine.
    I tried a few features like multi window multi tasking which works great, eye comfort ( which helps a lot when using the phone in total darkness ) and until now i am happy with this update.
    Regarding battery life and other aspects it`s early to pronounce, but i also saw improved battery saving options, for which the future will say if they come with an improvement or not.