Don't fall for the $79 Cyber Monday Chromebook 'deal' — buy this one instead

Acer Chromebook Plus 515
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On one hand, it's great being able to save buckets full of money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On the other, you kind of have to make sure that the "deal" you're getting is actually a good one. Chromebooks are the perfect example of this, as you've probably seen some "Cyber Monday Chromebook deals start at $79" promotions. $79 is great, but don't fall for it.

Luckily, there are plenty of Chromebook deals that aren't too good to be true. Acer's Chromebook Plus 515 is one of the first ones that comes to mind, as it's on sale as part of Best Buy's Cyber Monday deals. Instead of paying the $399 retail tag, you can save $130, by getting it for $269

Acer Chromebook Plus 515:$399$269 at Best Buy

Acer Chromebook Plus 515: $399 $269 at Best Buy

It might not look like much, but Acer's Chromebook Plus 515 is one of the best Chromebooks of the year. It packs a powerful punch, and thanks to this Cyber Monday Chromebook deal, you can save $130 from Best Buy.

Acer's latest Chromebook embodies almost everything there is to love about the new Chromebook Plus initiative. It has a fantastic screen, a plethora of ports, and incredible battery life. But there's one other Cyber Monday Chromebook deal you might want to consider, as you can save $120 on the Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook Plus.

Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook Plus:$499$379 at Best Buy

Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook Plus: $499 $379 at Best Buy

The biggest thing that the Flex 5i has over Acer's offering is the convertible display. Plus, it's powered by Intel's 13th Gen SoC as opposed to recycling last year's 12th Gen chip. All the while, you can still save $120 on the Flex 5i Chromebook Plus for Cyber Monday.

I'm currently still in the process of testing out and reviewing Lenovo's Flex 5i Chromebook Plus. Spoiler alert: It's REALLY good. Lenovo is using a 13th Gen Intel Core i3 processor, along with an even better display than the Acer, all while offering a convertible design.

The previous Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook still remains a fan favorite, and Lenovo didn't do too much tinkering with the formula. Really, this newest model just offers a spec bump, but that's all we need considering that it brings all of the fun and exciting AI-powered Chromebook Plus features.

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