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Choetech's Fast Wireless Charger is effective and affordable

Last week, Andrew gave us a closer look at the Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad from Samsung that we've all been eager to get our hands on. It met our expectations, charging both the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ approximately 40% faster than the traditional 1A rate we've seen for a while now. That's certainly a sweet upgrade in speed, but its bright lights weren't ideal for bedside use, not to mention its steep cost. Choetech's Fast Wireless Charging Pad offers the same functionality, only with smarter lighting and a more reasonable price point.

The rubber ring on the top isn't as prominent as Samsung's, but it still works great for keeping your device from sliding around. Underneath is a larger rubber ring that also keeps the entire charging pad from shifting positions. Measuring a compact 3.3-inches in diameter, it fits nicely anywhere you choose to place it without taking up very much space. There's no built-in fan to disperse heat, but after several times charging my Galaxy Note 5 with it, I haven't noticed the pad getting very hot at all.

The halo around the charging pad illuminates green when you place a fast charging Qi-compatible device down, or blue for standard Qi-devices. It will adjust brightness automatically depending on the lighting in the environment. When it's lights-out for the night, the LED inside will turn itself off — while still charging your device — making sure to not blind you at your bedside. The top is made of a hard glossy plastic with a Choetech logo in the middle. A microUSB input can be found on the side for plugging in the included cable and fast charge wall adapter, or if you buy the fast wireless charging pad by itself, use any fast charge wall adapter.

The bottom line is if you're considering making the jump to this new fast wireless charging technology, but don't want to fork out the cash for the OEM name, this more-affordable product performs the same with a couple extra perks. Keep in mind that this charging pad will work with any Qi-compatible device, but you won't get those new quick charging speeds unless you're rocking a Galaxy Note 5 or S6 edge+. You can pick it up in black or white with the wall adapter for $49.99 or without for $34.99.

Starting at $34.99 on Amazon (opens in new tab)

  • Looks like a good value. Might have to check it out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just got the Yootech fast wireless charger for $28, and it works great. Buying from Samsung definitely isn't required if you want fast wireless charging. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I got the regular yootech wireless charger for my gf and her s6 e. It's worked great. So their fast charger probably works great too. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm wondering how moto nexus6 would get on with it. nice looking charger tho Posted via the Android Central App
  • It should work at regular speeds but the s6e plus and the note 5 are the only phones right now that support fast wireless charging. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's the sorta cool glowy vibe and looks cool, I'm gonna live with a bit of sammy envy and their charge rate. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you wireless charge your phone overnight fast charge isn't really necessary.
  • I agree but this would be nice to have in the kitchen or living room on an end Table to throw the phone on when ya get home from work. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wireless charging is great when I'm lazy. But I find that a simple 2Amp charger plugged in an hour before leaving for work, does the job. Galaxy Note 4 {Sprint 5.1.1}
  • Who needs Marshmallow? Wireless charging is the ultimate "Doze" feature. You put down your phone and the battery charge actually increases.
  • Want both ! monstorola 6... and I want glowing charger... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I had to ditch my wireless charger next to my bed after I got an S6. It beeps every 5 minutes after it's full to tell you it's charging annoying
  • I had a similar issue. i stopped using the bad one and purchased a cheap ikea wireless charger and it works perfectly fine.
  • It wasn't the charger that was beeping. It was the S6 to say "hey I'm charging again!" then it would reach 100% and stop charging. After 5-10 minutes of sitting there it would use enough juice to start charging again....BEEP..."Hey, I'm charging again!"
  • I had that problem with a really cheap Qi receiver for my Note 4. Apparently it was always just on the verge of getting enough energy that it couldn't make up its mind if it should be charging or not. I bought a better Qi receiver, and that cured it. You can't change the receiver in an S6, and as far as I know, the S6 receiver is perfectly fine. I'd suspect either the charging pad isn't strong enough, or the phone isn't placed on it properly, or you're using a case that's interfering. I have a cheap plastic 3-coil charging stand for my S3, and I have to be careful about how I place the phone or it won't charge. Not so with my Keedox folding charger for my Note 4. It's not picky about where I put the phone. I tried the Note 4 on the cheap stand, and it's just as flaky with the Note 4 as it is with the S3. That's what I get for buying a cheap charging stand.
  • Wow, that would be annoying. Never heard of that before.
  • My question is how does it work with something like the Ottobox Semmatry case. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm actually rocking that case on my Note 5 right now and I have no issues.
  • I just got this on Wednesday. It's great. They also make a wireless car dock charger I'm interested in trying. Even after the latest Sprint Note 5 update, the original Samsung model stopped charging occasionally. The Choetech fast charger stays connected, it also makes a better connection through my case. On my Samsung, I had to position it just right.
  • Would be great if it was a dock instead a pad.
  • Why would you buy it without the wall charger?
  • Because you already have a charger that came with your phone you can use with it, and save yourself $15.
  • And plugs into a wall. Shoot just plug the device in. #illogical Posted via the Android Central App
  • Simple things are hard for you, huh. Posted via the Android Central App
  • No problems here with my Samsung wireless charger once att sent out a fix . Now it works prefect . Who'd knew that wireless charging would be so cool and convenient I have three all over the house now . Hardly ever use my wired charger now Posted via the Android Central App
  • Does anyone know of a fast wireless charger reciever that i could put on my galaxy s6? I really like that fast wireless charging
  • Unfortunately the s6 doesn't support wireless FAST charging. I think only the edge plus variant does. Posted via the Android Central App