Imagine an Android Version of the iPod Touch. Make it a little bit bigger and you got the GiiNii Movit Mini, an Android Tablet that needs no data plan from any carrier to be fully functional. Here are the specs: 4.3 inch 480x272 resistive touchscreen (argh!), 256 MB Internal Memory, microSD slot, Bluetooth, Microphone/speaker, front facing camera, headset jack, mini USB, WiFi, and an onscreen keyboard (!).

There's a soft keyboard on the device so rumors are it's running the Cupcake update and reportedly the soft keyboard runs wonderfully well. The biggest downside? The resistive touchscreen which is no way near as good as the G1's capacitive touch. Either way, we'll be keeping a look out for more devices like this because though we're still not getting any phone announcements, more devices for Android is a good thing.

One last thing, the price is supposed to be $149 and there's a 7 inch model on the way. Nice. More pictures after the jump!