Organizing all the charging cables and power cords in your home is a lot easier with a pack of reusable zip ties. Right now you can snag an AmazonBasics 50-pack for only $5.07 at Amazon, which happens to be one of its lowest prices in history. The pack tends to sell for around $8 when it's not discounted and has only ever dropped about 20 cents lower than this in the past.

These reusable zip ties were designed to help with cable management, making them a perfect choice for bundling up wires, cords, and cables made for various electronics and computers. You'll receive 50 in this pack, each of which measures eight inches long and features a slotted head for an extra-secure fit or hooking which can be easily repositioned or reused whenever you need. They can also be cut down to a shorter length or fastened together to create a larger zip tie.

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Organization Is Key

AmazonBasics Reusable Cable Zip Ties (50-pack)

These reusable zip ties are perfect for keeping all the wires and cables for your electronics from causing a jumbled mess around your home. The slotted head even allows you to hang these ties from a hook, and you can cut them to size too.

$5.76 $7.99 $2 off

The double-backed velcro keeps these zip ties together while in use, and you can even use the slotted head to hang the tie from a hook. The hook and pile fastening system is quick and easy to undo when you need to unbundle something.

AmazonBasics is Amazon's affordable line of household essentials, and today's sale brings this pack of zip ties to an even lower price. To score free shipping, you'll either need a Prime membership or to reach an order total of $25 or more. If you've never been a Prime member, you can start a free 30-day trial to see how it is, have today's order shipped for free, and start streaming movies and TV shows via Prime Video.

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