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During this time of year, and in this year in particular, we're all looking for some savings to make our money go just that much further. Thankfully we've made it to Black Friday, where we see all kinds of deals on necessities and nice-to-haves alike. Some of the products on sale include tablets and smart displays, but the ultimate flex is in finding a deal that gets you both for a fair price. That's just what you have here with this Black Friday deal on Amazon's premium Fire HD 8 Plus tablet with wireless charging dock. This combo gives you a tablet when you want it and a smart display when you need it.

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Plus With Dock

Style and substance at a savings: Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus with Wireless Charging Dock | $10 off at Amazon

The beauty of the Fire HD 8 Plus is that it has more RAM and faster charging than the regular HD 8, but also that it can charge wirelessly with the right accessory. When paired with this wireless charging dock, you not only get more convenient charging, but you get a de facto Echo Show device.

$140 at Amazon

Amazon's Fire tablets are some of the most popular Android tablets on the market today, appealing to users from all backgrounds thanks to their rich feature sets and extremely low prices. When you buy a Fire tablet, you know that you're getting a good value product that is durable, has tons of room for expandable storage, and great battery life.

Amazon is also known for pioneering the smart screen display category with its popular Echo Show devices. These smart speakers offer ambient information like news, time, and the weather, and also can be used to watch videos or control your smart home. They make a great complement to a tablet, but what if you don't want, need, or can't afford to purchase both kinds of devices for your home? Enter this great deal!

When we reviewed the Fire HD 8 with wireless charging dock earlier this year, we were particularly enamored by its two-in-one functionality. It is much easier to gently set the tablet on this dock to charge than it is to fish around for a USB-C cable, and it's so nice to have the device automatically transform into an ambient Alexa display.

We think the value of this bundle far exceeds the value of the Fire HD 8 Plus alone. If you don't want the convenience of wireless charging or the added features of a smart display, then, by all means, save your money and opt for the regular Fire HD 8. But if you want to future-proof your tablet experience and get the benefit of an Echo Show device for less, this bundle can't be beaten!

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