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This BOGO Samsung Galaxy S10e deal nets you a free phone and a $200 prepaid Mastercard

Holding the Samsung Galaxy S10e
Holding the Samsung Galaxy S10e (Image credit: Android Central)

Switching your family's phone carrier to Verizon is now sweeter than ever. Right now, new and current customers can snatch the Samsung Galaxy S10e for free when you purchase another at full cost and add a line to any Unlimited plan. Other Samsung Galaxy S10 devices are eligible for this offer too, though only the lowest-priced device will be discounted with a maximum savings of $750.

While that deal is open for both new and current Verizon customers, new customers who switch to Verizon and port-in a number from another carrier will also receive a $200 prepaid Mastercard with today's purchase when you visit this site and enter promo code FALLSWITCH along with the required information. That's not all you'll receive either, as new customers will also be sent a link to Amazon to score a free Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug, valued at $75.

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Verizon is offering a free Samsung Galaxy S10e to those who buy another at full price while adding a new line on any Unlimited plan. Those switching from another carrier will even score a $200 prepaid Mastercard when porting-in their number.

Samsung's Galaxy S10e features a 5.8-inch AMOLED display, 6GB of RAM, and some of the best cameras we've seen on a Samsung device to date. Over in our review, it was dubbed a "(near) complete Galaxy S10 experience in a smaller, less expensive package" and rated with four out of five stars. Meanwhile, this Everything You Need To Know guide on the S10 is a great place to search for information if you have any other questions.

Before anything has a chance to go wrong with your new device, make sure to purchase a case and screen protector for it! Our list of best accessories for the Galaxy S10e can help you secure the essentials quickly without having to travel to different shops or browse Amazon all night.

Now that you'll have a phone which is Qi-enabled for wireless charging, you might need to pick up your first wireless charger. This guide to the best wireless charging pads of 2019 will help you make a good choice on which to buy.

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