Black Friday brings the popular Echo Dot back down to its lowest price

Echo Dot with Clock
Echo Dot with Clock (Image credit: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central)

Beyond the big-ticket items that you may be shopping for this holiday season, you might also want to look for smaller, more affordable gifts or stocking stuffers. One great gift that fits the bill here is Amazon's popular Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Alexa-enabled smart speaker. This little marvel can do everything the larger Echo speakers can, but it takes up much less space, is arguably more attractive, and costs much, much less. This Black Friday deal has the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) down to an all-time low price of just $19!

Even though we adore the fourth generation Echo Dots, the third-generation Dot is still a great buy, and it still holds a special place in our hearts and on our bedside tables. It's smaller and thus may not get quite as loud as the newer model, but some people prefer the lower-profile, hockey puck style compared to the newer spherical shape. Weighing in at less than 11oz, you can easily mount it on the wall, under a cabinet, or above an outlet. And the older style still has the LED ring at the top, where it is more visible when you make an inquiry or issue a command.

At this Black Friday price, you can pick up several pucks as gifts for friends and family or deck out the Alexa-less rooms in your home for less. My personal favorite color in this version is the Heather Gray option, though I also am partial to the Charcoal. If you prefer a simpler look, the Sandstone is understated, or if you like a bold pop of color, the Plum speaker is for you. Actually, just get them all — that would still be cheaper than one of the larger smart speakers currently available!

Jeramy Johnson

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