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Even if you want to avoid bulking up your S20+, your phone deserves the best thin case you can get. "No matter your taste, your phone needs a case" is a bit of a motto for me, but for glass-backed phones like the Galaxy S20+, you really do need at least a thin case to add some grip and give that glass back a minimum of scratch protection. Whether you like your thin case hard or soft, clear, or colorful, there's an option for everyone.

Totallee Thin Case

Almost invisible: Totallee Thin Case

Staff pick

If you hate cases because they're bulky, Totallee has built its entire brand around people like you. These are the thinnest cases you can get; they are entirely free of branding or emblems and come in clear or black.

From $15 at Amazon
Ringke Air

Clearly thin: Ringke Air

This clear case is thin as can be and grippy as all get-out. Ringke may have built most of its reputation on more robust cases like the Fusion X, but it can do thin just as well as the hotshots when it applies itself.

Spigen Liquid Air

Best for grip: Spigen Liquid Air

While there are slimmer cases available from Spigen, I recommend the Liquid Air over the Thin Fit because it's a more reliable case, and the extra grip from the triangle/diamond pattern across the back is worth the upgrade.

$12 at Amazon
X-Level Slim Fit Soft Galaxy S20+ Case

Lithe and luxurious: X-Level Slim Fit

This thin TPU case is flexible, functional, and affordable, and as a cherry on top, it comes in three colors that look more expensive than its price tag: a tasteful gold that is not rose gold, a majestic purple, and your standard slimming black.

From $10 at Amazon
ESR Appro Slim Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Thin colorful shell: ESR Appros

Available in green, blue, and black, this polycarbonate back cover snaps on and stays on. The bottom and the buttons are exposed on this case, but it's a slimmer profile than the more flexible TPU cases.

Gesma Galaxy S20+ Case

Keep it close: Gesma Design Case

Rather than going slimmer and smoother like some other thin cases, this sleek silicone case has a shallow texture across the back and sides so that you can keep your phone from slipping out of your sweaty hands.

$10 at Amazon

What are the best thin Galaxy S20+ cases?

Thin cases can seem dainty — and make no mistake, these cases aren't going to have much drop protection — but thin cases still have three purposes on your Galaxy S20+. They add grip, so this glass-backed beauty doesn't slip out of your hand, protect your phone from scratches and scuffs, and add some personality. The darling of the thin case world is the Totallee Thin Case, with most preferring the thin hard-shell black model over the squishier clear case.

If you prefer your thin case with a bit more color, there's always the X-Level Slim Fit, which you can use to help overcome the lack of color options for the S20+ itself. If you want to show off the Cloud Blue S20+, there's also the thin and transparent Ringke Air.

If you need more suggestions for S20+ cases, head over to our main Best Galaxy S20+ Cases roundup for more robust cases.

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