Best Teleconferencing Apps for Android Android Central 2021

It's easy to make one-on-one video calls, especially with the likes of Google Duo. However, trouble starts cropping up when you need to actually have a teleconference with a myriad of people in on the call. This is more important than ever now that a lot more companies are working from home. There are apps that solve the issue of not having a meeting in person pretty well, and some are better with the various integrations included. Here are the best teleconferencing apps you can take advantage of on your Android devices.

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Reliability is key: GoToMeeting

Staff Pick

There's a reason why GoToMeeting is the best for most teleconferencing needs. The app includes many great features, like allowing you to hold a meeting without requiring you to enter a credit card, and syncing your calendar so you never miss a meeting. There's even a "Commuter Mode," which helps you save data if you're on a cellular network.

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Almost unlimited: TeamLink Video Conference

TeamLink is an impressive selection with its steady and regular updates, along with cross-platform compatibility. Howevr, the real eye-catcher is that you can have up to 300 participants in a call at one time, and will not run into any time limits. TeamLink was also designed with those who may not have the best reception in mind, as the app was made for mobile.

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Host from anywhere: ZOOM Cloud Meeting

Zoom has risen up the Play Store charts thanks to the ability to create and host a meeting with up to 100 people for free. While these group meetings are limited to 40 minutes, those post-meeting 1:1 meetings can be hosted for free with no time constraints. And you can share your screen right from your Android phone if you need to go over a presentation.

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Not just for work: Skype

Skype is great for teleconferences, and has been for quite some time, but the app also allows you to just chat with contacts, and even place phone calls. For teleconferencing needs, Skype lets you chat with up to 24 attendees at the same time, or you can just have a group call with a few folks. If you opt into SMS Connect, you can use Skype as your SMS app on your PC or Mac.

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Google's choice: Google Duo

Although Allo didn't make the cut for Google's messaging services, Duo did, and has become a favorite for group calls. You can have up to eight people in the video call at one time, and it doesn't matter if the meeting members have iOS or Android. Duo also makes it possible for you to stick to voice calling if you, or someone else, can't chat over video.

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Get down to business: Cisco Webex Meeting

Unlike other options on the list, you will need to create an account in order to use Cisco Webex Meeting. Once created, you'll be able to start or join those various conference calls, and there's even a customizable widget that lets you join right from your home screen when the meeting starts. Cisco has also integrated Google Assistant and works with the Google Home Hub if you need to join a teleconference but your hands are a bit tied up.

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For G Suite: Hangouts Meet

Although Hangouts Meet is available for everyone, you'll get the best features if you are a G Suite customer. This includes the ability to hold video and audio conferences with up to 250 members at the same time, perfect for any sized meeting. Google even has real-time captions if you can't listen to the call, but still need to see and know what's going on.

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Deep workflow integration: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is rather impressive as it serves as a hub for not only your communications, but much more. Teams allows you to collaborate with others, chat privately, or create entire channels for group communication, and have traditional video or audio calls. The only possible hangup is that you will need to have an Office 365 commercial subscription to take full advantage.

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Businesses big or small: BlueJeans

BlueJeans is designed with businesses in-mind, but doesn't care what platform you are using since the app is available everywhere. There is a built-in calendar for you to keep track of upcoming meetings, so you can join them when it's time. After creating an account, you can host a video meeting of up to 25 people for free, or sign up for BlueJeans Premium and get up to 100 people in the meeting.

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Unorthodox approach: Discord

Discord is very-much designed with gamers in mind, but the app can also be used for teleconferences if the need arises. A recent update allows users to create quick group calls with up to 50 participants, as the previous norm was limited to just 10. And then when you're done, you can keep the conversation rolling with some fun extras to keep morale boosted.

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Integrate and collaborate: Slack

Slack is fantastic for standard group text chats, but the app has so much more to offer with a plethora of integrations. For voice or video calls, you can have 1:1 chats, but if you need to open things up, Slack allows for up to 15 people in a call at once. When the call is over, you can use an integration from your product management tool to plug in those upcoming tasks.

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Simple meetings: comes from the same developers as GoToMeeting while offering an easier way for you to either join or create a meeting. There's built-in functionality for in-meeting chat with either just one participant or everyone. Plus, you can take advantage of VoIP so that your call won't drop in and out thanks to possible shoddy networks.

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Make those teleconferences more productive

There are a slew of apps out that there make teleconferencing a bit easier, even if you can't make it into the office. With an app like GoToMeeting, you have the confidence in knowing that your calls can go off without a hitch, regardless of wehther it's a one-on-one meeting, or the entire office. And with the apps "Commuter Mode", you can still attend or host those meetings even if you aren't home or at the office.

Without having to subscribe for a big plan that may or may not come in handy, using something like TeamLink Video Conference may be the better pick. With TeamLink, you can host a meeting with up to 300 attendees at one time, without running into any potential time limitations or constraints. And with features like screen sharing and "real-time interactions", you'll be able to show off your presentations without a hitch, and get the feedback you need on the spot.