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Standalone VR is very different from VR that connects to a console, PC, or mobile phone. Unlike those VR headsets, standalone VR requires only the headset and yourself to get started. There's no need to connect to anything else. Yes, you can buy a standalone VR headset, take it out of the box, and enter the world of virtual reality without having to set it up like you would a console-based VR headset. But which standalone VR headsets are the best?

Oculus Quest headset

Best VR headset: Oculus Quest VR Standalone Headset

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The Oculus Quest is brand new technology and comes with original games and experiences that you can't get with any other VR headset, including the Star Wars game, Vader Immortal. Its 64GB storage gives you plenty of room for other games as well, and the Oculus Insight tracking is included to track your movements accurately without additional accessories.

$400 at Amazon
Oculus Go headset

High quality and comfy: Oculus Go 64GB Standalone VR Headset

The Oculus Go's 64GB memory can allow you to store up to 7 HD movies, 20 games, and 40 apps to take with you everywhere, something that can definitely benefit you on long trips. It also has a 180-inch screen with high-quality 3D graphics and a foam pad around the eye sockets, allowing you a thrilling but comfortable experience. Also, no need to worry, glasses wearers; the Oculus Go is frame-friendly.

$250 at Amazon
Lenovo Mirage headset

4K viewing: Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Standalone Headset

This Lenovo VR standalone headset offers 6 degrees of movement, 3D audio, 110 field view, and 4K visuals for an amazing visual experience. It also includes Google Daydream, which is an all-in-one hub for simpler access to VR content such as apps and video games, as well as WorldSense body-tracking for an easier experience during gaming. Also, it has 3 hours of battery life before it needs charging.

$300 at Amazon
Pico Goblin headset

Creation is possible with Pico: Pico Goblin VR Standalone Headset

The Pico Goblin offers over 70 games for you to enjoy, and a brilliant display with 2560x1440 resolution that'll make your virtual world look great. The Pico Goblin also lets you get creative with Sandbox channel, where you can then share your creations (like video games, videos, and more) with other users around the world. However, those who wish to watch Netflix and YouTube will be disappointed; they are not available on this device...

$253 at Amazon
RtTech headset

Best budget VR headset: RtTech VR Standalone Headset

The RtTech VR headset comes with a built-in 5.5 inch, fully HD 1080 screen that'll make viewing YouTube, Netflix, and games a more engaging experience. You can also attach Bluetooth controllers to add more immersion and control. Even better, you can also add two to three years of protection for a low price.

$160 at Amazon
Samsung Gear headset

Best for Samsung Phones: Samsung Gear VR Standalone Headset

The Samsung Gear VR is a brilliant addition for those who want to experience social activities differently. With Samsung Gear, you're able to hang out in Oculus Rooms and talk to others, watch 360° videos on social media, and even game together thanks to over 600 game titles. It is also compatible with several Samsung phones, making it one of the best VR headsets for Samsung devices.

$101 at Amazon

Which standalone VR headset should you get?

Standalone VR headsets are slowly, but surely, getting more popular. However, each VR headset has something that makes them stand out. Some will be great for creatives; others will just be useful for when you're going away on a long trip and want something to do. Either way, the goal here is, of course, finding out which one works for you.

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If you're a creative person, the Pico Goblin offers a Sandbox channel where you can not only create, but show off your talent to others. Unfortunately, you can't use it to watch Netflix or YouTube. If you want a headset with those capabilities, the Samsung Gear VR Standalone Headset or the Lenovo Mirage Solo headset not only offer a variety of games and TV, but you can view it all in 4K. If that's not a win, we don't know what is.

One of our favorite standalone VR headsets has to be the Oculus Go due to its high-quality capabilities, memory space, comfortable fit, and the inclusion of apps, games, as well as TV and movies, all for a reasonably low price. Of course, it's also hard to say no to a good bargain headset like the RtTech which offers plenty of what the other headsets can do, but at a price that won't break into your savings. The Oculus Quest is another great option if you're looking to spend a bit more money for a better product.

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