The best over-the-air streaming box, according to

Whether you use Android TV or Apple TV, or Roku or Amazon Fire TV, or Xbox or PlayStation, one things remains true — streaming video often leaves a hole where your local channels used to be. While that's gotten a little better in recent years, streaming a local channels generally isn't as good, quality-wise (and certainly isn't as free) as using an over-the-air antenna.

And making these antennas even better is the ability to hook them up to an over-the-air streaming box. You plug in the antenna, plug the box into your network, and fire up an app. Then you can watch your local channels on your Android phone. Or your iPhone. Or your iPad or Fire TV or Apple TV or Xbox or ... You get the idea.

There are three main players in this space. HDHomerun, Tablo, and AirTV. Each has its merits. Each has its annoyances.

But in the end, one stood out above the others and is's pick for the best over-the-air streaming box.

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Phil Nickinson