What are the latest games worth checking out in the Google Play Store?

Update January 12, 2018: Check out Ashworld, a cool new adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, then have some goofy fun with Run Sausage Run!


Set in an apocalyptic wasteland, Ashworld is a really intriguing open world game in which you must survive and scavenge for limited supplies and resources while avoiding or fighting aggressive enemies and creatures of the night.

You start off with a top-down view of the world and have the option to explore the world on foot, or in a vehicle. When you discover and enter buildings, the game shifts to classic platformer gameplay as you search for folks to talk to or try and find supplies.

The game is filled with weapons and vehicles to discover and use and features a full slew of story-based missions and side quests to complete — or you can simply go out exploring on your own. The touch controls and animations are smooth which makes Ashworld an absolute joy to play.

Download: Ashworld ($3.99)

Run Sausage Run!

For fans of endless runner games on mobile, check out Run Sausage Run!, a fun new cartoony addition to the Google Play Store.

Certainly inspired to some degree by the forgettable animated film Sausage Party, you play as a sentient sausage trying to escape from being cooked and eaten by making a mad dash out of the kitchen while dodging all sorts of deadly kitchen tools. Your sausage automatically saunters along, and you simply press and hold to make him run, which in turn also makes him hilariously fold over which helps you avoid deadly blades.

Endless runners are a dime a dozen on Android, so it's rare to find one with an interesting concept and unique art design. There's a ton of skins and content to unlock in this ad-supported free game.

Download: Run Sausage Run! (Free w/Ads)