What are the latest games worth checking out in the Google Play Store?

Update November 17, 2017: This week, be sure to check out Rules of Survival, which is essentially PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for your phone! Also out this week is the cartoony PvP game Mighty Battles.

Rules of Survival

Despite still being in early access on Steam, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has quickly become one of the more popular games of 2017. It's a multiplayer online battle royale game where your goal is to outlast and survive an epic battle involving up to 100 players. Everyone gets airdropped onto the map unarmed and you must run around collecting weapons and supplies, hiding or engaging enemies as you go. As the game progresses, the "safe zone" on island gradually shrinks, forcing campers to keep moving as the survivor count dwindles down to just one.

Rules of Survival is a near carbon copy port of PUBG for Android that incredibly maintains the grandiose scale of combat — there's support for up to 120 players in a single match — while delivering impressive HD graphics. Despite also feeling like an early access game, Rules of Survival manages to play pretty smooth — matchmaking is quick and the core gameplay is on the money despite some controls. You're also able to drive vehicles but it's a real chore with the finicky touch controls.

Just like with PUBG, you're able to team up as a duo and squad with friends or go it all on your own, and there's in-game chat available if you're into that.

You've got to applaud the developers here for doing a pretty great job of transposing this trendy PC game to mobile. Since the game is still in its infancy most players use the same vanilla avatar which gives the game a bit of a 'battle of the clones' feel, but future updates should allow for more customization.

Download: Rules of Survival (Free)

Mighty Battles

Step onto the battlefield and prove your muster in Mighty Battles, a fun new PvP game from Hothead Games.

As the commander of your army, your mission is to strategically use your troops and cannon to destroy your opponent's base in a live battle. You're also able to defend your own base by sniping enemy troops from your base Gatling gun. Or use other defensive weapons like a rocket launcher or air strike to clear out multiple enemies.

If the gameplay sounds familiar, that's because it's another card-based lane tower shooting game, which is an emerging new genre for mobile that combines card casting battles with a first-person shooter. Similar to Ubisoft's Shadow Break (which still shows as unreleased in the Google Play Store), Mighty Battles takes the formula into a more cartoony direction that should appeal to a wider audience.

Download: Mighty Battles (Free w/IAPs)