Xenowerk is not a new game by any stretch, but it's still deserving of praise for being an excellent top-down action shooter that does a great job of building an intense atmosphere. I just recently checked it out after seeing it in my recommended games stream, and it kicks ass in spite of the in-app purchases and ads that make it a free-to-play title.

This is one of those games that prioritize action over all else, including the story. You play some sort of agent whose mission is to explore a secret underground laboratory that's been overrun by mutants from an experiment gone awry.

There are over 70 levels in the game to work through, and while the game feels a bit repetitive and too easy in the early levels, the difficulty scales up quickly as you progress through each set of levels with tougher mutants popping up in greater numbers the further you go.

In many ways, Xenowerk is a pretty standard twin-stick shooter with the left stick used for movement and the right stick used to aim and fire, but what really sets it apart from the competition is the graphics and visual style. The laboratories you're exploring are dark labyrinths so you'll need to rely on your flashlight to show you the way.

As you play you collect loot that can be spent to buy new weapons or upgrade your armor suit which unlocks new powers that will help you in the heat of the action. You're also able to earn credits by watching ads, or you can spend real money via in-app purchases to buy coins in bulk, but the game is pretty generous with the loot that slain enemies drop.

I would have preferred Xenowerk as a paid game with no ads or IAPs, but it's not intrusive with its monetization so that's a good thing. Definitely worth checking out if you're down to blast some mutants in a spooky setting.

Download: Xenowerk (Free w/Ads, IAPs)