Best microSD Cards for Moto G6 in 2022

The Moto G6 continues Motorola's trend of offering the best bang for your buck. You get a modern design, powerful internal specs, and common sense features like a headphone jack and microSD expansion. But while you can get by with the same microSD card you've been rocking since 2012, it may be worth an upgrade for more storage, faster speeds, or both.

Get as much storage as needed

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When it comes to finding the right microSD card for your Moto G6, keep your options limited. Within Samsung and SanDisk's lines of cards, everything is relatively similar and roughly the same price, so we've included what's best from each. If you're looking for a great value without compromising on performance, than the Samsung EVO Select is easily your best option here.

Those looking for an option outside of Samsung and SanDisk will want to check out the Lexar Professional 1000x. This microSD Card offers read transfer speeds up to 150Mb/s, making it perfect to use for anything you can think of with your Moto G6. Plus, Lexar offers a limited lifetime warranty for its 1000x card in the event that something goes awry.

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