Best microSD Cards for Moto G6 Android Central 2021

The Moto G6 continues Motorola's trend of offering the best bang for your buck. You get a modern design, powerful internal specs, and common sense features like a headphone jack and microSD expansion. But while you can get by with the same microSD card you've been rocking since 2012, it may be worth an upgrade for more storage, faster speeds, or both.

Samsung EVO Select 128GB microSD card

Best value: Samsung EVO Select 128GB

Staff pick

The best value card is Samsung's EVO Select 128GB. This will more than triple or your phone's internal storage, and it's more than fast enough for games, applications, and your video footage. More than that, it's future-proof: the high speeds will be good to you in a few years when more budget phones are able to record 4K footage.

$20 at Amazon
Lexar 1000X 64GB MicroSD Card

Speed demon: Lexar Professional 1000x 64GB

This card may be overkill for the Moto G6, but it's one of the best money can buy, with transfer speeds up to 150MB/s. It's quite future-proof, and you'll never notice a performance issue. If you're looking for the ideal card that can even be used in a flagship phone if you decide to upgrade, this is it.

$28 at Amazon
SanDisk High Endurance 64GB MicroSD Card

Shockproof storage: SanDisk High Endurance 64GB

SanDisk's High Endurance MicroSD card is great if you tend to live a bit more on the wild side. The card is temperature, water, shock, and x-ray proof, so it will continue chugging a long throughout whatever adventures life takes you on. SanDisk also offers a 2-year manufacturer's warranty if something unexpectedly happens to your card.

$14 at Amazon
Silicon Power V30 128GB MicroSD Card

Budget pick: Silicon Power 128GB

This card doesn't boast the read and write speeds of other cards on this list, but it expands your Moto G6's storage by 128GB, and it's still a class 10. That meaning you'll be able to store your music and photos on it without issue, though it may just be a littler slower.

$16 at Amazon
Kingston Canvas React 128GB MicroSD Card

Everything you need: Kingston Canvas React 128GB

Since the Kingston Canvas React is a Class 10 UHS-I card, you'll get up to 100MB/s read speeds, and up to 80MB/s write speeds. There's a lifetime warranty on the card, and Kingston includes a microSD Card reader when it's time to transfer files.

$22 at Amazon
Lexar 633X 128GB MicroSD Card

High-performane reliability: Lexar 633X 128GB

Although not as fast as the 1000X series, Lexar's 633X line of microSD cards are still some of the most reliable. The Class 10 rating gives transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s and will even work if you happen to be recording in 1080p, 4K, or even 3D.

$17 at Amazon
PNY Elite 64GB MicroSD Card

Not as fast: PNY Elite 64GB

The PNY Elite is more for those looking for a beginner's card from a company other than Samsung or SanDisk. This card offers read speeds up to 85MB/s with its Class 10 UHS-1 certification, which will be more than fine for your Moto G6.

$13 at Amazon
Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB MicroSD Card

Just keeps going: Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB

Not only does thid card offer quick transfer speeds (up to 100MB/s) but it has another trick. Samsung has rated this card to last for up to more than 43,000 hours of recording and playback. This is a leader in the industry for reliability, and you will also have the piece of mind of having a five-year warranty if something happens.

$37 at Amazon
SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSD Card

That's a bargain: SanDisk Ultra 64GB

SanDisk's Ultra microSD card is a great option for expanding your storage without going overboard on performance for the Moto G6 and without breaking the bank. This card is great for storing photos and music, but won't be ideal if you upgrade to a phone that shoots in 4K. It should be OK if you want to store apps on it, however.

$12 at Amazon

Get as much storage as needed

When it comes to finding the right microSD card for your Moto G6, keep your options limited. Within Samsung and SanDisk's lines of cards, everything is relatively similar and roughly the same price, so we've included what's best from each. If you're looking for a great value without compromising on performance, than the Samsung EVO Select is easily your best option here.

Those looking for an option outside of Samsung and SanDisk will want to check out the Lexar Professional 1000x. This microSD Card offers read transfer speeds up to 150Mb/s, making it perfect to use for anything you can think of with your Moto G6. Plus, Lexar offers a limited lifetime warranty for its 1000x card in the event that something goes awry.

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