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The Oculus Quest provides a completely untethered VR experience, but if you want to play for more than a few hours, you'll need to plug in your device. The Oculus Quest uses a USB-C charging port that can also transfer data, but using a magnetic attachment will help protect your port and also make using it even easier. By attaching magnetically, these cables and adapter make it so your headset isn't yanked to the ground if you accidentally pull on the cable.

Best overall: Knaive USB C Magnetic Adapter

This magnetic adapter supports 20V/5A Quick Charge, data transfer up to 10Gbps, and works with the USB-C cables you already own, including the USB-C cable that ships with the Oculus Quest. The connector also rests at a 90-degree angle, which allows you to point a cable directly up or directly down depending on how you're charging the device.

Unlike some of its competitors, this adapter has a reversible design, meaning you don't have to worry about which way you connect your cable to the device. It also has an LED indicator to help you make sure your Oculus Quest is charging.


  • Supports quick charging
  • Supports data transfer up to 10Gbps
  • Works with existing cables


  • Requires a cable
  • Is not circular, so it only supports two angles

Best overall

Knaive USB C Magnetic Adapter

Power and data

This reversible adapter supports quick charging and works with the USB-C cables you already have to easily connect to your Oculus Quest.

Best budget: NetDot Gen12 Micro USB and USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Data Transfer Cable

These cables have a magnetic attachment on the end that can work with USB-C and Micro-USB thanks to their interchangeable heads. They can also work with the Oculus Quest using USB-C and older devices with Micro-USB.

Their circular head design means that you can charge your Oculus Quest at any angle that you'd like. They also come at a bargain since a three-pack of cables that are over six feet long is cheaper than some cables on their own. These longer cables are great for plugging your Oculus Quest directly into the wall but are too long to be used with battery packs kept on the headset or in your pocket.


  • Circular design means you can charge at any angle
  • Option for long cable
  • Three-pack at an affordable price


  • Excess wire when used with battery packs

Best budget

NetDot Gen12 Micro USB and USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Data Transfer Cable

Long and affordable

These cables come with magnetic attachments that allow you to charge your Oculus Quest at any angle. They're available in lengths up to 6'6" so they're long enough to plug into the wall while you're wearing the headset.

Best for battery packs: NetDot Gen10 Micro USB and USB-C Nylon Braided Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

Many Oculus Quest users want to extend their playing time with external battery packs. These can be mounted to the back of your headset so you can continue to play while you charge, but also help counterbalance the front-heavy headset. This magnetic cable is only a foot long so it won't have a lot of excess wiring in the way while it's plugged in. It supports charging up to 9V/2A, which will easily detach if bumped while playing.

If you use a battery pack you can move around freely while still charging your device. You'll still have a wire plugged into your headset, but mounting a battery pack to your headset means you can freely walk around. It's more convenient and portable than plugging your headset directly into a wall outlet which tethers you to the wall. This cable is only a foot long which means it can plug into the side of your headset and attach to a battery pack mounted on the back of your device.


  • All USB ports are USB 3.0
  • Supports up to 5Gbps speeds
  • Cable allows device to fit various setups


  • Only supports data up to 480Mbps
  • Limited to specific angles
  • Can detach easily

Best for battery packs

NetDot Gen10 Micro USB and USB-C Nylon Braided Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

Out of the way

This cable is short enough that there won't be wires in the way if you wear your Oculus Quest while charging it.

Best circular design: Kyerivs Magnetic USB Charging Cable

This braided cable features a circular design that gives you more flexibility because it can charge at any angle. It also supports fast charging up to 5V/2.4A and has an LED indicator to let you know that it's charging your device. At 3.3 feet, this cable is the right length to use with a battery pack that you keep in your pocket or attached to your waist.

If you attach this cable to your headset and use it with a battery pack on your waist or in your pocket, you'll be less constricted. The 360 degree design of this cable means that the cable doesn't have to point directly up, down, back, or forward. Instead, it can comfortably slide into the perfect angle for you.


  • Charge your device at any angle with circular design
  • Supports fast charging
  • Long enough to work with battery pack on your hip


  • Too long to use with a battery pack

Best circular design

Kyerivs Magnetic USB Charging Cable

Supporting all angles

This magnetic cable has a circular head which supports 360 degrees of movement. It also supports fast charging and has an LED light.

Bottom line

While the Oculus Quest provides an untethered VR experience, longer play sessions might need a cable to keep the device charged. Additionally, it can be easier and more convenient to use a magnetic cable, which can just pop on and off while protecting the port and your gameplay experience (you don't want to accidentally yank it out while you're playing). The Knaive USB C Magnetic Adapter is a great adapter because it works with USB-C cables you already have, including the one that ships with the Oculus Quest. Even better, it supports fast data transfer speeds, so you can get the best of all worlds.

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